Bore... by JoJoMax

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A little tune written many moons ago that I finally found the inspiration to record.
A somewhat self explanatory tale of searching for "something better".

Featured Review

well then - this is very very interesting. and a whole lot of fun. with lots of dynamics and plenty of homage to the influences that formed it.

the production is ok to be honest. it's raw. quite demo oriented to be sure but I can hear it was tracked well and in the right hands could be clued up to be an actual ready for prime time song ... there's some real eq and frequency problems and the stereo field is certainly too narrow but it's all there, just waiting to be properly mixed and mastered.

some problems with production are as follows ....

the kick and snare are eq'd too similarly. it's not that I don't like the big thump of the kick but the snare needs so much more clarity and edge. the bass has very little low end to it. it's so restricted to a very small frequency and doesn't really add to the lows as much as to the mids. ya gotta fix these .... love the parts played though. nice simple beat that doesn't plod even tho it's a relatively slow BPM. bass works the lines with it's fills and seems to be working a lot more than just root notes.

the guitars are really not all that badly captured but once again there's so much similarity in frequency between the parts - if they weren't panned hard, they'd be a mess. really nice twang going on tho - and lots of nice work to capture a nice style between the two. the lead guitar is completely lost in the mix - bring it up by lowering the gain on the other instruments if need be. it's a good part. standard rock fare but it's fun like the song needs and isn't so long it's a ego distraction.

the vocals are quite cool ... the words get lost cus again, the eq and compression job is pretty much left undone. but it's all there - the low register voice works extremely well in it's quite accessible fashion. sorta sloppy but deliberate and confident. with lots of personality and lots of charm. the guy ain't a great singer but to be honest, I really don't think the song would have as much appeal with a textbook rock voice. as a example, I'm personally probably 10 times a better singer than this guy but to be truthful, I'd rather hear him singing this song than me. he's true to the part. and edgy, personable and just perfect for it.

good backing vocals as well. they play a pretty large part in a simple way but they completely pull it off. and the simple arrangement is great. the ahhs in the verses and the harmony in the chorus. simple stuff but totally fitting and right. good touches.

the song .... it's very very cool and a hell of a fun listen. it makes the body sway and it captures the heart and has a pretty good earworm hook going on tho it's wordy and a little clunky lyrically here and there - that's part of it's charm cus it never feels amateurish - always sounds like it's supposed to be that way.

I really like it. a lot. it fits in 30 years ago and fits in today. (with some different production treatment probably)

it's a good enough song that I sorta wish I could mix and produce it and make it what it could be. it's good music.