Mink Stolen Part 5 of 5- Good Night, Bad Knight by Interstellar Fur Traders Band

Current Round: 1  

As our tale concludes, there remains the unpleasant matter of MasterMade and the Knights of the Round Table who still connive to steal the rightful fur trade business from the Interstellar Fur Traders. It all comes down to family loyalty vs. a higher morality.


Mink Stolen Part 5 of 5- Good Night, Bad Knight

hooray for the Interstellar Fur Traders! You saved us all
you saved the castle, we’re ever so thankful
will you trade us what saved us
these nkchiefs will be of assistance
to keep the giant mink at a distance
for those piles of prize furs

to me Sir Lancelot’s all too easy acquiescence has a gloating undertone
when Dominique Angelique suddenly reveals to us all
your crooked deal was with MasterMade, not me, Sir
which I find contractually within my power not to honor
no one can stop me, not even my father
let the people decide your fate now, I merely cause your exposure

you’re a fraud, fraught with flaws
a fake, not Knight or saint
and in light of this complaint
we strip you of your seat
and the same goes for your cohorts
expelled from the Round Table permanently
and in your place it would be complete
if it could be Dominique Angelique

I thought about staying, we were heroes and treated that way
but I fell in love with a local tennis pro
and she wanted to play Wimbledon one day
plus we had a record setting fortune of fur stuffed in the cargo bay

so last I heard she became the queen
some say that was Victor’s plan all along
all I know is that song became the planetary anthem
to this day they play it every sunset and sunrise
in remembrance of the time when life hung on the brink
and to forever ward off the beautiful giant mink