Mink Stolen Part 4 of 5- Battle of the Giant Minks by Interstellar Fur Traders Band

Current Round: 1  

Part 4 of 5 opens as the Starship Aquarius drops out of warp drive and begins to receive broadcasts from the planet Camelot. Suddenly, all the underhanded actions of MasterMade become dwarfed by a new problem which can mean life or death for the citizens and even thwart the transfer of the new colonists and any deal at all.

Featured Review

Nice Zorba the Greek intro... I expect nothing less of you!

Who's the lovely Guinevere in the background? The battle of the bands begin! With every rock-band from 1971, excluding The Frontliners!

This was the best section of the song by far! Minks climbing up castle walls with heavy riffs, then sound off.... gone!

You win the round, but just how many more will you win?

Watch this space for further reviews...

Ailwyn Rees


Mink Stolen Part 4 of 5- Battle of the Giant Minks

every visitor to this planet who wants to be in the know
watches Days of Camelot, the top talk show
get the gossip and low down on issues du jour
and it was on every monitor, that was for sure
the first day was normal except for a brief mention
joking about a possible giant mink convention
now our final story this Gawainday
another in a long line of beautiful Days of Camelot
is a report on a sighting of a possible giant mink convention
but nothing to worry about, it’s confined to the outer region

the next day the tone was more grave
a villager was attacked and apparently eaten
and as we wrap up another Days of Camelot
some breaking news we are obligated to mention
a villager was just attacked and apparently eaten
we think by a giant mink
but no need for alarm, it was in the outer region

but today all eyes are super glued
in shock and horror from what is viewed
so unbelievable, this Galaday, so indescribable
you can see for yourself the giant minks on video
swimming across the moat
they look like fifteen foot hairy alligators
that can climb castle walls
men are lined up along the top
constantly pushing back the unceasing onslaught
on Camelot in an endless process quite manual

they were right, I saw a fortune aside from the danger of painful death
from what we could glean there were tens of thousands of them
and I had a wild idea, sort of stolen from another fairy tale
the Pied Piper of Hamlin in reverse, perhaps use sound to repel
after all, we had a hold packed with nkchiefs, nanofabric tablets
they were fully programmable to stick themselves together
able to switch back and forth from soft to rigid
and assume any shape and size
to show large video and in theory play very loud sound
Leon has his drums online, I have my guitar plugged in
and we land in a mass of minks and the battle of the band begins

the cargo bay opens to a horrific first glimpse of these truly monstrous vermin
with long pointy white teeth that could rip you to shreds
but also coated with incredibly beautiful fur that looks utterly soft and ultra shiny
and we crank up the volume and get the show on the road

and fantastically in two minutes time the minks retreat a few hundred feet
but they scurry back and forth as if eager to try again any second
so we quickly load all the pallets in our ATVs and roll out onto the spaceway
and with some rapid reprogramming reconfigure the nkchiefs into a sound system
equivalent in decibels to every rock band from 1971 playing simultaneously
we warn the people in the castle to wear noise cancellation ear plugs because
Camelot was about to rock
so we play back our tracks and we jam along with ourselves
even in the soundproof cabins we feel the pounding rhythm in our bones
I never played so loud before or after
actually, nobody ever had!
flanking them on the left, we force a full retreat of the minks climbing up the castle wall
leaving a layer of their dead ten feet high at its base
soon they are escaping like a buffalo stampede in a cloud of tangerine dust
and twelve minutes later turns out to be enough, and we turn the sound off