Mink Stolen Part 1 of 5- Camelot Bound by Interstellar Fur Traders Band

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There are many tales floating around the galaxy of the Interstellar Fur Traders, tales of high adventure, romance, mystery and intrigue, and this is perhaps the most well known, and you might think farfetched, so by all means feel free to check the facts as to the size of the minks, etc.

In the first two hundred years of warp travel, the problem of dangerous radiation levels remained unsolved. Not even the most sophisticated nanomedics could repair the cellular and genetic damage from more than one year long round trip, which created created a corps of ex-Traders with a reputation for fairness above all else.

Part 1 of 5 begins on the Starship Aquarius in spacedock at the Earth Orbital Spaceport, bound for the planet Camelot in the morning...

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inevitably, eventually, I had to find at least one more in this series to review and I think I've finally hit on part 1.

which I think is my last ......

it's far more like a talking book with music than a soundtrack song and in that capacity, it's actually quite entertaining. like a movie without the video.

atmospheric. somewhat dynamic. groovin'. melodic yet just a bit linear. a little psychedelic while being controllably tame and actually, mellow and sorta straight-laced.

the composition of the music is led off and then paced by the very soothing electric piano .... the strings that are added are a little too synth-based but it is what it is. drums add the groove pretty well with decent sounds and a well conceived part. my favorite part of the bed is however, the bass - which does the most to build the dynamics.

it's all simple and to the point and does well to let the backing vocals add the spacey ideas to the fray while the guy narrating the story line is casual yet expressive and quite easy to listen to. being as it's probably part 1, it's good to finally hear where and how the story starts. not that it makes all that much sense to me now but at least I get the gist. not really seeming like something that appeals much to me, I do like how it is delivered and how well it flows and how it is paced. really nice tone and an easy range to accept in my ears.

incidentally, tho the concept of the lyrics is sorta freaky and unique in some ways, to steal directly from mythical yore doesn't show me much imagination as much as it shows that smoking dope while digging back through the old book and movie collection can yield somewhat mixed results. personally, I wish the band had made up some new names and not stolen so blatantly from history. camelot? the round table? come on, like make believe all over again? I don't dig the theft a bit.

yet, it's a well done start to the show I already know ... in retrospect, it's the best part of the story except for maybe the section where the leading lady dominates. there, it seems just a smidge rough on intonation. not to the point of saying it's bad but definitely to the point of distraction. somebody wasn't dotting all the i's and crossing all the T's.

but that's me feeling like I've had enough of this in parts at this point. knowing that the system here won't allow for a 60 minute song, I forgive ya'll but to be honest, I can't fathom reviewing this whole deal in one shot anyway.

so .... what shall be shall be. good luck on getting that big deal.


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Soundtrack for Sci-Fi film slant on King Arthur? Not often I delve into the Soundtrack section of the BRS, but I'm running out of options now.

I do find it difficult to assess songwriting when the lead vocal is spoken. Perhaps dialogue would read better?

The background vocals have a very haunting presence, and to be honest, they are the stand-out aspect of this song!

I would have preferred the lead vocal to be sung!

Would Guinevere have preferred it in outer space?

Ailwyn Rees


Every planet in the realm has got
its private claim to products sought
of quality and otherwise unobtainability
that manifests an insatiable desirability
and it is mink and ocelot
on the planet Camelot

Now Camelot is a mythical place
and a mystical name for a planet, it’s true
but committees of college educated dreamers
often are the ones who decide what to do
so what if the people chose to choose their king
to rule with his Knights of the Round Table
upholding honor, chivalry, fairness and freedom?
how can one complain if it works for them?

For a hundred years the Arthurians thrived
utterly boringly uneventfully
and every year prepared for when they arrived
the interstellar fur traders, as they came known to be
with pallets of beautiful pelts highly prized
until this time when there was one single mink fur
large enough to make a coat floor length sized

so it is six months later, first word had just arrived
from the last ship to Camelot
the Starship Aquarius sits in space dock, fueled
with a bellyful of nkchiefs to trade
the crew all here, supply checks complete
ready to board the passengers in the morning
a party of six from MasterMade and ten military
led by a Colonel Tommy Bakersfield, not particularly normal
and twenty-five settlers, a balanced mix of men, women and preferences
tonight there’s time to have a few drinks with strangers
the blue Earth huge in the bar’s observation portal