Tortured Artist by Hop on Pop

Hop on Pop
Current Round: 1  

A pretty typical-sounding indie pop/rock song. Thing is, I challenged myself with this one... and came up with something that is through-composed.
There are no sections repeated anywhere in the song. (Although I do quote one lick from the middle, at the very end -- once.)
I began with the descending acoustic lick that you hear in the middle of the song, and built the rest of the tune around it.
I'm actually pretty proud of the way this one turned out and, particularly proud of the vocals at the end and the arrangement, in general.

Featured Review

Shades of Crowded House. This is good! Love all the rhythmic play, and the melodies and harmonies are engaging as hell. Lots of tasteful drama in the music. Just seems to get snapped apart and put back together just right. I'm listening on headphones, and the mix is doing a wonderful job of making me feel like I'm right in the middle of the music.

I'll be coming back to this, and will be watching for more tunage from this artist. Highest marks in all categories!