I'm Pathetic by Hop on Pop

Hop on Pop
indie pop
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It’s just one of those quirky, peppy pop songs that I like so much. It’s a straightforward song, with chord voicings that are anything but straightforward. (All the chords in the verse are some form of “D” voicing.) That makes me smile!
As the melody is out of my range, I asked my friend Jon Newby do sing the thing. He hit it out of the park!

Recorded by: Todd Gutner at the Two-Todds’ Studio; Jonathan Newby's vocals recorded by himself at his home studio. Mixed by: Noah Samuels
Jonathon Newby: Lead and backing vocals; Todd: guitar, vocals; David: drums, percussion; Steve Siculan: bass guitar; Nils St. Cyr: lead guitars
Vocals arranged by Jonathon Newby

©2009 Todd Leiter-Weintraub

Featured Review

great groove right from the start ... and super pleasant harmonies ... accessible melody ....

drums are very organic and tho super simple, they are varied and lead the song dynamics wonderfully. bass is well present and interesting as it walks over the chord progression with a very melodic line of it's own.

great mix of both dirt and clean jangly guitars - giving a roots rock feel to the song .... pretty good lead fills as well - simple licks, keeping it light and not up it's own ass. same for the lead solo - great attention to keeping the theme of the song's melodic moments in touch with my ear on the part.

I really think it was a good choice to go with the double lead vocal - it adds a lot of depth to the part ... and the lead vocal itself is relaxed as hell, kinda sassy and very enjoyable - nice rise to the highs in the melody and overall just the best part of the song in a song that has lots of good stuff ...

the downside is that in this mix, I couldn't really discern too many of the words - the lead vocal needs to be raised a few db's and the eq needs to be dialed in so it has the same warmth and tone but also carries the highs necessary for diction to be a factor. still, nothing stood out as bad and it all seemed to flow phonetically well and that means a hell of a lot in my book.

not incredibly modern - in fact, not modern at all - both in writing nor production but it does have a cool indie vibe to go with the late 60's, early 70's feel the song emits. and none of that is a bad thing.

I feel like the time I spent listening to this song was a good time investment and I'd listen again - probably repeatedly if given the chance.

good show.


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