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“This one isn’t so much about the song, as it is about the arrangement.”

Boy did Noah get sick of hearing those words during the day that it took us to record this one. This was the first song recorded for the album, and it is one of the songs where I had an arrangement in my head from the get-go. It’s also one that the guys in the old lineup just didn’t “get”. So, I did it all on my own and am I glad that I did; it came out really, really well. Just a lot of fun for me to record. And, it seems to be a lot of fun to listen to, too, according to all the pre-release feedback I’ve gotten.

Recorded and mixed by: Noah Samuels
Todd: guitars, bass, drum machine, and vocals; Noah: Sequencing and keyboards

©2009 Todd Leiter-Weintraub

Featured Review

This is one of those songs which immediately pokes its head above the parapet when first heard on the radio. Not one of those which gradually gets its hook into you through familiarity, but one which will always seem sufficiently out of context to set it apart.
The simplicity of the bed track is a great foundation for the oddish sing-song quality vocals. It starts with a nice dirgy guitar with Punk written all over it, but soon bounces us through a variety of textures, and literal highs and lows. Once heard, you can't imagine how it could ever be without the brilliant shared octave vocal, giving humour at either end. It's playful and cheery but with a hint of menace.
Lyrically noteable - with detail like letting the last word of the chorus be the first of the verse - there's room for a story. Nothing can be flogged to death in just one minute fifty, which makes it the perfect length. Or too short to not be replayed twenty times (I am on 28 minutes already). There are about five really good ideas in this song, and none of them leaves feeling important.
All this refreshing unfussiness makes it possible to notice little things like that neat, oh-so subtle bass run which marks transition from verse to chorus. I love the bass sound throughout.
It's just the kind of song which I expect to find in 'Alternative'. Just a really neat little song which can only spring from a long lost era of creativity.


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