From Me To You by Ghostly Beard

Current Round: 1  

Special thanks to Emma for her amazing vocals!


I don't know where you have been
I don't know what you have seen in your life
Now all those moments are gone forever
And who's to blame after all these years
Lived apart? I don't know how...
I feel the same as we drifted away
From the start.

I wonder what you've become
And have you found what you were looking for?
I hope you're happier more than ever
I found your name at the bottom of
My heart. I don't know why...
Just like the frame of a very old
Painted chart.

And I still remember your eyes
That shadow in your smile
The endless conversations we had
The passions we all shared
How much the world would change in our hands
How little ever happened.
From me to you, no more we could do...

We've drawn our names in the sand
The water washed it all over again
What if we'd taken a chance together?
It's such a game we've been playing on
Faking our parts. I don't know why...
Oh such a shame that we've never reached
For the stars.

I'll never see you again
I might appear as a ghost from your past
But just remember how close we were then
It's so insane how much distance has grown
Between us. I don't know how...
Ongoing pain that's been feeding itself
Then faded out.