Let Go by Ghostly Beard

Current Round: 1  


I've been flying...
It felt like flying when you were in my life.
Forever I've been lying.
And now I'm done, I can't go on anymore.
You've earned my love and now it's gone and I keep thinking, drinking
No! Of all the past I can't let go...

I'm dying!
It feels like dying now you're out of my life.
No matter what I'm trying
Don't seem to matter in your life anymore...
You can't pretend we've been the same and we're still growing, loving
Oh! Of all the past I can't let go...

Now that our passion has just withered away,
I see no reason why I can't let it go.
But now... how...

You have much to do, you run away with your life.
It seems that you
Have turned the page and headed right out the door
I cannot bear to see how far apart we've ended, faded
Why? Of all that past I can't let go...