In Your Shoes by The Frontliners

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It wasn't the Bassist's shoes that the songwriter wanted to be in - they're enormous!

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What a great song! Songs like this prove that simple can be wonderful and that familiar progressions can still inspire. It's not perfect, but that's part of its charm; it sounds like it was recorded in the seventies (or, maybe mixed in the seventies, I should say) giving it a very organic vibe. No use in critiquing the vocalist: his delivery fit the song precisely and was believable to the point it would be hard to imagine another singing it and getting the same response from listeners. Everything was played well; it's a very simple song, so hard to go wrong on that. All the instruments were clearly distinguishable though. Commercial appeal: well, I love it but who can say in today's world? Just give yourselves kudos for writing something so cool and what happens happens. One thing: I would've added a bridge or change somewhere, then come back to the heart of it. The piano solo's pretty, but I would've liked my emotions jerked around for a moment!


Featured Review

This is a well written well rehearsed and well recorded effort that could benefit from a little more adventurous approach to arranging and instrumentation. A little more color and contrast would make it grab my attention.

The lyrics work well for singing and the singer is good with them. The lyrics are phrases that sound good on their own but don't link together to tell a story. Better continuity would make me want to listen to this more.