Where are you now? by The Frontliners

Indie folk/pop
Current Round: 1  

Written by our Vocalist Rich. On our latest batch of humble offerings we felt that we needed a slight change of direction with our music. I was late turning up for a rehearsal once, and Rich was simply wondering where I got to, hence the inspiration for the song!

Featured Review

As the song begins, it immediately creates a simple but beautiful melody that pulls me emotionally in. Yes, there is a jingly jangly quality to the acoustic and lead guitars and the synth, I'd go so far as to call it lo-fi for its total lack of pretension, and yet its focus comes across as authentic, and I mentally classify it as some late 60s style production, somewhat primitive but quite likable despite all that.

The singer is able to deliver the mellow lyrics with just the right amount of gravitas and sincerity, I feel he means his message, that it comes from his real story, and though it probably is mostly contrived, I'm along for the ride on that stallion into the morning light.

The bass seems a bit low in the mix, but it accentuates the melodic aspect of the music and would be sorely missed if left out or played more plainly.

Finally, the drums! The drummer is a madman, a Moon, an intense force that manages to find his irreplaceable place in the song whilst never overshadowing the other parts of the song. But the drama is there when needed.

I'm not thrilled with the sound on this mp3. It seems a bit squeezed, which does add to its classic sound, but I think it might sound a lot better if at a higher bit rate even. Nevertheless, this is one of those simple songs one might think has all been done before that in my opinion manages to stand out, right up there with all the classic songs of its kind.