Too Much by The Frontliners

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A song written by our Guitarist Phil, when I guess life was getting just that little too much for him!

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love the guitar sound right from the gitgo! and loads of energy enter the fray when the drums, bass and second guitar come in ....


vocals don't let things down a bit either when they join the party!

first impression - simply good rock and roll.

recording = pretty damn good. I like the upfront drums sitting just below the vocal line. good overall sound to the kit as well - good snare sound, very present kick and ever driving hats make it a pretty complete percussion picture for the ears and the body .... the bass has some really nice moments with some excellent interaction with the drums as it explores the chord progression ... guitars are flat out excellent all the way through - good recording, lots of balls and the separation in the stereo landscape is fine stuff and lines of fire burn hot. good ol' fashioned rock and roll lead action makes it all come together as a great mix.

one thing I did notice that seemed just a little bit reversed was that the verse melody was more interesting than the chorus, instead of the chorus rising up, it sorta took a downturn - but in the same fashion as a lot of old rock songs did ... which doesn't make it a bad thing as much as sorta dating the song to an era - which isn't really good .... if it had instead had a obvious rise for the chorus, the song could pass for something more modern.

vocally - spot on .... good presentation... excellent rock performance in a guitar player singing sorta way. obviously not a posing, shirt off frontman but more of a working man's singer. lyrically speaking - the whole thing flowed well and tho I really don't pay attention to lyrics much during the first few listens I did notice that it is a socially aware sort of thing ... which maybe contradicts the musical tone but what the hell - rockers have opinions and agendas sometimes!

all in all, a really fine tune with lots of fun in it and a good groove and hard driving energy that doesn't wear you down but instead lifts you up.

good show boys. play it again.


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feel like going to yellowstone after a hard week at the university.
i like the way drums ride all over the strong part.
Vocals are ok, but nothing special.
Guitar is nice, trying to tell something, but the solo...? what....? very very quiet, in contrast with the rest of the song...... no no no, it need strengh!
but, all in all, nice track