Rollercoaster Ride by The Frontliners

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Written By Rich, and also featuring Rich on Harmonica.

Featured Review

Aside from the super straight forward rock structure, this is a very fun song impeccably performed.

I'm sure the world won't end because there is one more song that plays without surprises solid classic rock with a jamming harmonica and such clean guitar, tight drums and bass.

The singer does a convincing job handling the lyrics, too. Strong voice, staying safely within its limits, and the words, not brilliant by any means, are not annoying.

But without risks, there is little setting this song apart from what it is modeled after, and it might behoove you to spend a bit of all that talent going for the extra touches that make hits rather than deep album cuts.


Featured Review

Okay, vocalist, you got some chops! And you know, we all know, the chord progression is nothing new, but who needs to re-invent the wheel every time (although I had a hard time keeping "slow ride" and "call me" outta my mind while I was listening)? So . . . okay song, okay everything. I hear the talent. I LOVE the harmonica. I guess for me, it just didn't have a wow place in it, which something that sounds familiar needs to have — it didn't break out into the atmosphere at some point along the way. This would be a decent album track with some more dynamics to it, but as it is, it's a tad bland for all it's chugging-along bluster. Take those gifts and use them like a baseball bat . . . hit us over the ahead with something that we'll never forget; scream at us, throw the harmonica down and crush it beneath your feet and let us hear it on the recording; use that voice to plow us over. NEVER settle for an average song again if there's a way to take it to the next level. Keep at it and good luck!



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