Old Skool by The Frontliners

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Written by our guitarist Phil, the song is one of an autobiographical nature, all about us old farts, excluding Chris our drummer!

Featured Review

The melody, the lyrics, exist within a swirly classic rock arrangement that I am already liking as is quite a lot.

The synth strings aren't forefront or overdone, but they provide a soft background for the guitars, bass, drums and vocals to do their thing.

At first I suspected the guitars weren't going to play nicely together, but they proceeded to come through, complimenting each other, not simply competing.

The singer does a great job, not trying out for The Voice but Old School with words and the tune mattering the most. It is restrained and on track, easy to understand all the words, and the message positive and hopeful.

The lead guitar solo was tasty in a subdued on track style- no Jimi here, but that's OK. The drums were strong- well behaved and responsive to the arrangement- no Keith Moon here! These are not negatives, just trying to describe what mood the music conveys.

The end is organized, a bit abrupt perhaps, and returning to a peaceful point befitting the song's idea.

I suppose there could have been more energy or drama, but not all songs should be crazy..