Into the Light by The Frontliners

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This little ditty was written by Rich, probably inspired by Ghost Whisperer, or more likely because he located the light switch!

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This song has some fantastic retro features I am really loving- "Don't give up the fight. Step into the light" begins a really clever variation from the otherwise relentless driving four chord progression, and somehow the use of both makes the song very catchy. It is funny, could be a crossover to Christian Rock, but it could be Grand Funk or Steppenwolf or the Rascals. The guitar is gritty as Neil Young, but with those wild drums this is beach blanket bingo 1969.

The singer is not the best singer by a long shot, and the melody isn't all that fancy, I mean there is only that one change up. But, it is a good one, and I find myself enjoying the fact I can quickly and easily learn this song both melody and lyrics, and I like listening to it. His voice is very masculine like a Jack Bruce from Cream.

The other song was better in so many departments, but the song in this song was such a hoot!

Both the electric guitars together create a fun live jam vibe. The bass is excellent, too, right out front and nailing the melody


Featured Review

jumps right in don't it? and to be honest, I hear something there I can't help but think I've heard before from some other song in some other era. and because I can't pin it down and because the chorus isn't reminding me of the same, it's a good aspect ... new but familiar.

the production is actually pretty decent ... the mix is strong and basically clear tho it sorta has a cluttered feel to it. I like that the snare drum is no 2 to the lead vocal and that everything else can be completely picked out and heard - as well as felt.

the bass isn't traveling down any new roads but it fits with the drums and handles the low end relatively well - would sorta wish for a bit more thunderous lows out of it tho ... the kit is pretty well rep'd here, with good levels across the board on all it's skins and I really like the choice of ride cymbal on the chorus. basic pop rock smart. carrying it through the lead also fits my playbook.

guitars are many sounding but carry the flavours and colors of the song well. the lead guitar is wearing out it's theme by the end but otherwise is quite well done and really seems likes it was carefully crafted to the song.

the lead vocal could really use some support with some backing work here .... it's the lone ranger treatment when so many easy harms are available. the verse melody is strong and brings that familiarity card to the table .... the chorus doesn't rise and hook the way it probably should but it doesn't really detract as much as just treads on some cliche ground. some of that has to be attributed to the rather thematic lyric, which doesn't rely so much on imagination or creative thinking but more on very specific generalities which are highly overused in song already.

strong singer tho. pitch ready. tonally, he's not quite edgy and sharp but does have some relatively decent personality traits which, in a simplistic way, are sorta endearing. I might wanna suggest some better vocal treatments which might shine him up a tad. reducing some frequencies while enhancing others ... and putting a nice shimmer on him with a better fx chain. something medium room verb'd with a light touch over a bit of slapback or something like it ...

a good song. a touch of nostalgia but not a copy of anything. low marks on the hook front - cus the chorus isn't nearly as good as the verse but all in all it's melodic and the song has a good driving groove.

I liked it. didn't love it but hey, like is way better than not like.