Lifetime by The Frontliners

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interesting intro - led me to believe it was a soft serve RUSH song at first ....

nice recording. needs mastering for volume levels and maybe a little sonic excitement but otherwise it's a really excellent mix. I like the sound of the drums ..... good kit mix all together .... a tad thin on the kick - almost prog sounding - but otherwise it's on .... nice reverse verb on the intro too.

bass is also a bit thin. with less total low end than I'd like to hear but every note and tone is there and present in the mix and that's something good.

guitars are well done on the recording side. a strong point. good separation .... every string on all guitars pop through well. basically, every part of the guitar mix is spot on ....

what's left is the vocals and they're covered pretty well too. there is lots of warmth to them but at the same time, there's a slight hint of edge and excitement .... and excellent capture of diction.

the performances across the board are absolutely on. not a moment where I thought it was less than professional. from the double time hats to the lead guitar to the melody man hitting every note square on. all very impressive ... the counter notes of the bass completing the chords, the jangly guitars .... the filling and satisfying lead guitar and the interesting and engaging melody of the lead vocal .... all just really impressive.

the song itself is also working well .... good arrangement - pretty short and sweet but the basic components are all inclusive. the chord progression isn't all that unique but is compelling and helped create the space and bed for the very enjoyable vocal melody. the only problems that I hear is that although the melody is sweet (jargon "sweet", not sugary) - there is no hook. and that is noticeable. it just doesn't rise and soar or create it's own space of ascension.

some of that could be fixed by simply adding a single harmony to the chorus ... it won't soar but it might make it so that the part does move itself above the verses.

as well, maybe some "air" after the lead guitar solo would work ... change the arrangement - lose the closing solo and add a small section of near silence after that lead. carry the chorus out ... it might work if you simply made the first final run through the chorus just vocal and half drums .... then crescendo'd with a fullband worked chorus out. even adding lead guitar licks there if the axeman felt he needed more space.

lyrically .... all flowed well. seems like a good message ..... or bio.

good song all in all ... a few tweaks would make it better but Ido like it as is.

rock on.


Featured Review

Interesting choice of chords at the intro, which reassures me that it isn’t actually Take It Easy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
This singer sounds like a younger and more idealistic Hugh Cornwell, probably without the shoelace and fifty pack years pipeage. He's matched on the musing but probably won’t smash anything up. It’s a pretty good voice although his ending are a bit untidy. But hey, this isn’t opera.
That’s the pleasant jangly guitar sound that doesn’t piss anyone off and which forms the ideal backdrop to a bit of homespun philosophy. Didn’t have to mention The Lottery though.
The drummer’s in time and there’s some accomplished tambourine playing, so rhythmically it’s sound, but the vocals could do with a bit of livening up…soaring backing vocals or something. The chorus is a bit drab and preachy to be honest.
I’d probably clap politely and then shout for ‘Freebird’.
Still, there was nothing to beat really so fair play for that all-important AP point.