Dust Yourself Down by The Frontliners

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If you've had some knock downs in life, then "Get Up and Dust Yourself Down." Spot the influences!!

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Good boogeyin' beat. Like the triplets in the first guitar bit. Reminiscent of "Gimme Three Steps", but doesn't feel like a rip-off.

This would go over well in any Texas biker bar. Probably could be stretched out quite a bit live.

Makes me look forward to hearing more from this band.


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Not exactly, but the vocal melody and the lyrics are very well crafted, and lines like the tax man's taken all your money, he's not messing around would be right up their alley.

The singer is good, has a solid credible voice and stays safely within his range.

The guitars are tight, too, the song builds in intensity so very gradually I almost don't notice, but along the way some pretty fancy lead is performed.

It's not a phenomenal melody or arrangement, but it gives Bachman Turner Overdrive a run for their money.