Drifter by The Frontliners

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The drums sound a bit overbearing here for the genre, that I would call folk rock...

The acoustic guitar is nicely recorded even though it has that kind of DI quality that is not my thing usually. But it has been EQed properly to give a rather convincing sound. A bit of intonation issue though but not enough to distract.

A good balance of acoustic and electric on this track, with great tone on the rhythm electric on the left to balance the stereo space.

The drums as said are rather loud, played pretty well and with a good groove. The bass is not the highlight of the track, could be pushed by a couple of db at times. It's pretty standard playing but it fits the drums who are more talkative.

The lead guitar is doing its thing correctly but it's a bit mechanical in its delivery, some more presence and feel would have been welcome.

Nice harp solo, gives a Dylan feel to the whole thing.

The background vocals, although really simple, are nicely done, fine pad of harmony coming in during the chorus that lifts the track nicely at the right time.

The vocals... hum. It's the less professional sounding thing here for sure, kind of hesitant in its delivery. Fine with the pitch but rather un-emotional. It would go better with a simple acoustic strumming than with that full band IMHO. The guy sounds convinced though and has some good moments during the chorus.

Pretty nice folk rock track done with style.


Featured Review

The clean guitar is a little measly by itself, I was thrown off at the start. It's not so bad in the ensemble, but its dissonance sticks out a bit. The lead guitar is a jump in quality and relieves the chords. The bass keeps the song interesting, it could've been boring without its jumpiness and details.

The vocals are another compliment to the piece; confident and practiced. I'm sure some EQ fine tuning would be a bonus. The skeleton is standing up tall. And the pre-chorus makes another interesting move, and slowly I start forget any potential missteps from previously. Now we're onto a real fleshed out vibe.

Lyrically, I can't complain. Maybe a bit familiar, but the message has meaning in it's simplicity. There's real integrity about how things were worded and it wasn't hokey.

The solo is icing on the cake. A bit wobbly on the tight rope, but it got across fine. And the harmonica was a nice finish.

Overall, I honestly liked this song, not being close to something I listen to regularly. There was no BS in the mix, it came from a place that you meant what you said, whether your instruments or words or what have you. Would listen again.