Danger, Danger by The Frontliners

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Written by our guitarist, Phil... Maybe reflects on today's current struggles?

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Wish the vocal was mixed more out front. Sounds almost like Roger Daltrey. That's not a bad thing.

Has a nice Southern Rock feel to it, would go over very well with a bar crowd. Not groundbreaking stuff, by any means, but would fit in well with a lot of what gets radio play. Biker bars pay good money for this kind of stuff.


Featured Review

I am most impressed with the effort to make a social statement, which seems the lost art of the 60s and 70s some days. I pick up some very direct songwriting similarities to Pete and Roger's singing, a tad more restrained, but that being said I enjoyed every minute of it.

The main guitar is nice and big, and the drums are on the run, and the bass is driving in the middle of the road, everything accelerating toward the end. The big lead guitar solo is quite tasty!

This might be one of my favorite live versions, if I ever got to see this band, but I'd say it has some missing dynamics in this studio arrangement that hold it back from a more powerful impact.