Cherry Pie by The Frontliners

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An interesting 50's/ 60's style ditty written by our singer, Rich. I hope he removed the stones from the cherries before he baked his pie!
Maybe he was actually thinking of a Cherry Boy at the time?

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Here we have what can certainly be described as a bouncy little number in what used to called rhythm and blues before it was acquired by the sinister contemporary R&B. A sprightly foot tapper which takes me back to London pub gigs in the 90s. Guests at wedding receptions can never resist this sort of thing.
Extolling the baking talents of a good woman, it pretty has much everything you expect packed into two and a half minutes. As a full-time subscriber to the ‘if you’ve said it all, why keep on about it?’ songwriting society, that gets a point.
The drumming’s as tight as a very tight thing and his/her neat little rolls make it interesting. I got no complaints on the mix either.
The vocalist is on the button and has a good blend of gravel and clay, doesn’t go for any real embellishment, which makes me think he’s also the guitarist. A song largely about cherries has to be unique, and presumably pie is something that makes the man’s mouth water in anticipation. But not if it’s too crusty.
It’s not necessary to get all deep on this one; it doesn’t try too hard and is probably more interested in musicianship than concept; I like the bass and the guitar is catchy, that’s that then.
I hear it as part of set of similar offerings and where there’s at least another five to which a foot couldn’t resist a tap.


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Almost punk in attitude, definitely rockabilly oriented though.

The complete package: walking bass lines, a funny little riff drom the distorted guitar on the right, a cleaner strumming guitar in the left, shuffled snare in the middle, almost mono sounding drums, a light hearted vocal with just a little bit of grit to make it sound like billy knows how to rock.

Proper lyrics, probably a little bit tongue and cheek, as it should.

I've never been a fan of pure Rockabilly but this one little tune managed to put a smile on my face, after so much of the crap pseudo experimental things I heard, this is very welcome!

The mix is just right in its lo-fi-ness sounds like it was recorded in the 50s, except for the perhaps too distorted guitar on the right but that doesn't detract from the vibe, but adds just the right amount of a more modern (?) punk attitude to it.

Perfect recreation of an innocent time and cool little tune.
What more can you want?


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