Building Bridges by The Frontliners

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It is like the early days of stereo and records were made to show off toms racing from side to side, and believe me, you were sure to notice.

It was over the top, but it was all in good fun.

I am quite impressed with how broad the stereo on the drumset was. And the guitars, gosh, they were all floating in this big space along with the voices. I'm not sure how recommended this style of mix is, but I enjoyed it, very refreshing.

The vocals and the song itself had a sort of Billy Joel or Ray Davies innocence about them, a little night club nostalgia, and with a upbeat message, let's all get along, building bridges, oh yeah!

The melody is reasonable too, I find it an easy to like song in an easygoing kind of way. Lots of varied parts, the easy beginning and the rocky bridge and the big vocals outro. I like campy songs like this.


Featured Review

This sounds like something from the vault, maybe a demo that the Eagles rejected forty years ago? There's nothing wrong with this song though. Your musicianship is good, vocals are good, chord progression and arrangement are typical for the period but logical and all the instruments are well played and recorded but all relevant to the lo-fi standards for demos of that time.

If you really believe in this song you should redo it and take advantage of all the tools available to us today. Doing retro is cool but this song needs at least to benefit from all the ear candy that any decent project studio of today has to offer.