All Our Heroes by The Frontliners

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The song title speaks for itself - the song is dedicated to "All Our Heroes", whoever they may be!
Written by our Guitarist, Phil, and polished off by Rich!

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The trouble with this is every time I hear that melody - you know, the one that’s second line of the verse - I feel sure it’s going to “I’ll be there”. Funny how the memory has its treasured pathways beyond our conscious control.
It’s one of the song’s little hooks however, and it’s just as cool as when little Michael Jackson sung it. Plus it does sometimes have a neat little pause before it which I like.
This singer has a smooth, velvety voice – a bit McCartney really - whose tone carries it across untrained territory and the song is sung in a convincingly heartfelt way. And it’s clear on the first listen what he’s got to say, no mumbling or bured affectation here. It’s not a terrible set of lyrics, reflective and that, but the ‘shining stars’ metaphor makes me cringe a bit. Probably said too much by some hippy I knew or something.
I think that the basic concept and theme is not really developed throughout. It sort of goes around in a circle. Perhaps that’s what bemoaning is.
I can’t help feeling though that the whole song should be somehow tighter. The arrangement allows for, almost demands it, and at times it seems a bit loose in the drum department. Like s/he’s too busy chucking it about with the splash to keep it pinned to the floor.
The chorus could’ve definitely have been made thicker with backing vocals, for me it’s begging for some oooohs or aaaahs for emotional contrast and lift.
Melodically pleasing and clean cut, but a but bland to be honest. I’d like to hear what happens when this singer gets heated.


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wow... what can I say? i really love this!
I would pay for the entire album. nice track, nothing else to say