21st Century Feelgood Factor by The Frontliners

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Written by Rich, it's a very basic, lively song that somewhat lives up to it's title! We didn't have Dr Feelgood in mind when we recorded it!

The picture is one of my good self rehearsing this number in the rehearsal studio... Planet Sounds, Southampton, UK!

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Lively upbeat brand new classic rock song with a slightly different lead guitar sound, almost twangy off key. The singer seems to hit the chord a beat ahead of the instruments at the end of the chorus, which creates some extra disconsonance, but I like its wrongness.

The drums are Who wild great, making this harder rock. Compact at two and a half minutes, this song gets going and never lets up. Not many surprises, but a strong song regardless, with some catchy lyrics (like smelling roses underground) that aren't overly trite.

The melody is integral in the arrangement, using a repeated riff of guitar and bass and drums to proceed each verse, sort of reminds me of bagpipes, and then the vocal melody kicks in totally different.

Part of me thinks it is too repetitive, but more accurately it creates the hook I may just remember an hour from now.


Featured Review

a good overall sound I think .... maybe not entirely well mastered but an excellent mix that lets everything have a place and a bit of territory to rule in frequency.

the drums are an area of a bit of concern cus they seem to be a little less than perfectly eq'd and balanced. a bit too much hihat, a bit too narrow and whimpy on the kick and simply too little snare. tho I do like it's stereo field work. the bass has a decent low end while also bringing note into it's yield. that's good. I do wonder if it would have been as good a level if the kick drum had more balls and more lows tho. had the drums been up to my vision, a few more db's on bass NOTE might have necessary.

btw - is this a modern day lost and found status quo song?

anyway, I like the guitar sounds and reproduction into the mix .... good separation, good tones, nice fx - tho a bit too much chorus for my personal taste - still a production highlight ....

the vocals are well recorded. well presented. well cleaned up and very well compressed and expanded. the words are easily discerned, the tone is edgy and sharp yet possess a good warmth and accessibility.

the song is quite short and very well pointed. not a lot of bullshit in it ... bam bam thank you ma'm. that's good - and the melody is pretty decent though it doesn't really venture much but it's right in the sweet spot of the vocalist and that's pop rock. even tho this is quite retro pop rock ... the chorus is strong and tho the words 21st century feel good factor is pretty intriguing, it doesn't really make for a great sing-a-long line. so that's both good and bad ...

but it is sorta fun. and it's got a drive to it if not a groove. it's pretty confident and it's performed solidly. all in all, it's a good listen. especially as there's so little of it. so - it's a bit of a success. and again, tho the words of the hook (chorus) aren't really comfy to sing, the basic hummability of the line is good and it's got a retention factor to it.

so it's all in all pretty good. how bad is that.