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Featured Review

This is a lovely song..Sweet progressions-great songcrafting and sunshine jazzy pop flavour..Ultra 70s FM like Andrew Gold,Carole King-or actually a slightly more poppy Laura Nyro..
Sweet harmonies-beautiful balanced lead vocals-everything in its place-with absoloutly no desire whatsoever to sound current or cool..Its just sweet sunny pop heaven with its delicious harmonies n delightful childlike melody..

Like switching on the radio when they're playing an old song-pricking up your ears and thinking Woh-thats great! Who's that..?

Love the fluty bit when everything drops out at the end too...Its heartfelt,yearning and beautifully sweet..In a way that you don't hear pop music like this anymore but really wish you did..
Thanx for the inspiration :)

Steve Ison


A Reason

For every thought
there's two that include you.
The memories all around me
of how it feels knowing you
The depths of destiny
are swimming through my mind.
A possibility of hope I felt
that I would never find.


There have been days
when I wanted to crawl away and die
Looking deep inside for a reason,
another season to survive
I found a reason,
its the dawn to a long cold night
Through life's dark hard side,
I see the light.

To bathe in childish laughter,
the connection of two souls
A smile for our good fortune,
cus I might not be alone
Your heart is dear to me,
I never had these feelings before
Your touch shoots through me,
its your passion I adore.


Little is easy
and the hard times make us strong
But you're so close to perfect,
and you make me feel I belong
With every thought,
please know that I love you.
Holding on to whats really real
and how it feels knowing you.


(c) 2005 Stephens, Denecia, Gavitt