You by Freakwood

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Written by Shankarji & CJ Denecia. Guitars, Bass & Strings - Shankarji, Drums - Gregg Gavitt. Lead Vocals - CJ Denecia. Backing Vocals - Shankarji, Gregg Gavitt, CJ Denecia.

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This is a really creative unpredictable track with a stubborn adventurous spirit i totally appreciate..
Excellent artful alternative pop..
The v cool triple harmony vocals put me in mind of Crosby Stills n Nash,but the underlying edgy tense spanishy vibe exuded by the song is nothing like them at all..
Some really interesting melodic choices in the verse vocal line actually had me thinking 'is he singing out of tune or is that deliberate ?'...But hey-who cares?-its really good whatever..
The part where the cello comes from behind the band and out into the open is very cool..
The sparkly little acoustic arpegios are great as is the incessant forward thrust of the rythm..

I really dig the unusual structure and the creative fluidity of this track that dosn't tell you its whole story in the first 30 seconds (like most bad pop) but keeps you totally guessing where its going all the way thru (and totally delivers in its creative choices)
I can't really pin down the influences at all here..Its quirky,stubborn,artful,intense and heartfelft and actually pretty original..
3 plays already and i definitely want to listen more-This is going in my favourites
Great track
Thanx for the inspiration :)

Steve Ison



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