Austérité by Francis Ko

Francis Ko
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An upbeat protest song about hypocritical austerity policies.
I am sorry it's in French so most listeners won't catch the essence :-(
Oh, and it's not mastered yet, as I need feedback first to know which version to finalise. Originally it was guitar and violin only. I also wonder about the impact of reverb...

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this is fresh!

what with it starting so clean with horns, strings, acoustic guitar and sparkling vocal performance - it's super cool really.

almost a new style of music to me and I really dig it!

the production is excellent, it might need a little mastering to bring it all up just a bit in volume but the mix is absolutely perfect - the way the acoustic guitar feeds the whole base of the rhythm and the chord progression while the horns and strings come and go so well - nicely eq'd so everything has it's own sonic territory and so the well recorded, dry vocal lines cut through it all without stepping on toes nor hiding any other musical nuances present.

the performance is stellar! great git picking with a lot of percussive hints to keep the beat grooving - love the dual playing to keep the stereo field honest and real ... fab horn work, right in there on every note, but no wasted space by draggin it all over the song - and the strings do their bit as a backup and step forward at times to highlight the musical theme as a solo instrument. light and easy yet not the least bit boring.

the vocals are simple enough but it's a fine melody that is really easy to grab onto despite the language barrier (for me) ... I'm gonna have to say it's french and it all sounds so fine - I dig how the combo of hard and soft sounds in the language sing so well.

nice arrangement as well ... verses, choruses, instrumental breaks, fills and accents ... all good.

all in all, I really do love it. it's moving, grooving, light, happy and yet not trivial. it's almost something I would suggest to pop lovers cus it's got the feel of lighthearted romance and maybe even some balmy summer night fun.

good stuff. love to hear more and will love to hear this again and again. keep it up.


Featured Review

I apologize for making fun of the language, French perhaps. But I do see a strong resemblance musically to Dan, Americana (Frenchiana?) of acoustic lite jazz, super mellow and dotted with really cool licks. Or hot liques!

There's a lot to like about this song- a catchy melody, a easygoing arrangement that never breaks down.

The stereo is handled so well, it adds to the fun of listening. There's a little riff at 1:22 that is slick, almost repeated but never quite the same, but very big in the scheme of this song.

There's a lot of musical action, lots of interactiing patterns, and they intermingle along playfully. I am curious what the words mean, I suspect I'd like them, too, but as is I think the song has a world appeal.


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