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Francis Ko
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I have to say, this easy style takes me back to another era, which is what Dan did so well, bringing back a song style that with simple acoustical devices and catchy developments bring a smile to a face despite any language barrier.

It is not so easy to write such a traditional little ditty that one wants to instantly add to the list of classics.

The melody is delightfully multidimensional, the singer has such a likable voice, and the word flow is strong, whatever he is saying.

The brush drums are played with some subdued relish, nice roll at one one point accentuating the fun flare up of the fiddling. And that brings me to the singular stellar feature which is what makes this song so especially great- the fiddler. Clean, traditional, hooky little chasers interwoven in the verses, punctuating the lines, and then allowed a very stand up solo at the critical point, sealing the deal on the arrangement.

I have no idea how far these guys can go, can they keep up the good work, keep it sounding so fresh, so uplifting? Or even just so emotionally fulfilling, if ever dealing with sadder ideas, but I wish them the best.


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S W E E T .

yeah, ok, so I have no idea what the guy is singing about, it could be that he's telling the positives of killing my mother and feeding my first born to a wolf but it sounds good in french. who doesn't like hearing french spoken, much less sung? tho it would be cool to hear or at least see the translation in english (american english of course)!

but the song itself is sweet, sorta folksy and lightly romantic sounding with it's one and two and three and four beat going on with the guitar and the drums accenting each beat so well, even when it sorta skips onto another slightly connected rhythm for a second.

those drums, lightly skippin through the song while instruments come and go in the warm breezy mood ... the bass doesn't play much of a part in the mix, held back very very far and that could be improved cus it sounds suspiciously like a stand up and how cool is that?

the fingerpicking on the acoustic is sticatto smooth and easy. as is the fiddle action, from it's plucking to it's solo action - which comes across a lot more insistent but always delicate and intimate, like somebody is really enjoying playing the tune ... they all are actually ... including the personable singer. his voice isn't extraordinary to be sure but he has confidence and personality to go with good tone and pitch. what more can you ask? not much ... it's a stylish but nearly embarrassingly simple delivery. and melodically, it's nursery rhyme cute but not over the top quaint. it's airy and flows so nicely over the entire song.

some backing vocals couldn't hurt though, I do think some sort of additional vocals are in order here.

the song is cool, it's real. it's happy and makes me smile and feel good inside and out. it's got a great beat for the style and all in all, it's just something I'd love to hear from a live band at sunset of a perfect day. sitting riverside in a french bistro with people laughing and buzzing about .... it makes me feel like holding my lovers hand and just enjoying the good times.

good stuff. a clear gift in song. nothing world shattering nor is it gonna stop climate change but for just a moment, all is right in the world.

bravo guys. or should I say un grand bravo!