Movin' to Mumbai by Expresso Stebo

Bollywood Folk Rock
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This song was written a few years ago in response to the possible outsourcing of my job. It hasn't happened, but no doubt there are a lot of US companies with Indian employees. It is as if the global economy is spreading the wealth, the jobs around. Sometimes it seems irresponsible, corporate greed destroying local communities, and it is. On the other hand the imbalance inevitably leads to this.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, the increasing disparity between the rich and poor is related to this phenomenon. Ah, Paul Krugman! It is touch and go.

Featured Review

Alternative or experimental? What category to put the song in must have been quite a dilemma!

I give you good marks for production, as the track is very busy throughout, with lots of percussion in the background, subtle keys, bass and guitar making it all the more interesting.

In a weird kinda way, it grows on you as time goes on, and I love the outro, just the bass fading!

Initially, your marks were low, but they increased as the song went on, and the conclusion is that you win the round.

Well done!

Ailwyn Rees

Featured Review

This was one of those songs where you can close your eyes, relax, and just wait and hear what emerges. It was an engaging experience.
I think where it starts to fail a little is when words become recognisable and stop being sounds. However these are sufficiently softened with effects to let me get past them, pretend it’s Esparanto or something. It has a swirling, trippy Doors’ beautiful friend/Beatles-with-drugs thing going on. I could go that way but once I caught conversational apex it took me to Zappa’s Moving to Montana.
It has the kind of nice, bright production I like; some light getting through the clutter. That is, there is a lot of clutter but parts of it naturally cluster together, so the confusion is minimal.
I’m interested to know to what degree these sounds and the feelings they evoke reflect the lyrical content. Because the subject, though a little reflective, is generally upbeat, with an ironic twist or two. The music says length, breadth and height but the words are localised.



I'm movin' to Mumbai soon
Where I can be a rupee tycoon
My job is moving ahead of me
They can hire ten men for my one salary
But I figure I have special qualities
I speak english quite fluently
And they say the cost of living
Is so low I could live like a king

I offered to work at a fraction of my pay
Hey, my job's already there
Think tanks are recommending
Every industry to outsource now
Or die competitively
In the global community

So I'm movin' to Mumbai
Where I'll be worth top pay
Live in a mansion
That looks like the Taj Mahal
With servants- can you imagine!
Take a train to work each day
A rupee millionaire
Sounds pretty good to me!

I'm movin' to Mumbai soon
Where I can be a rupee tycoon
Don't think of it as losing Hollywood
I'll just be gaining Bollywood
Pat Buchanon and Michael Moore
Might object in theory
But if my job is outsourced
Then why not outsource me?

Some call it Mumbai
Some call it Bombay
Some call it ebay
If I get my million rupee pay
I'm movin' to Mumbai
Movin' to Mumbai
I think I'll like it there
As a rupee millionaire
I'm movin' soon