Plastic by Dead City Dealers

Current Round: 1  

Lyrics by Sam Sinister and Ryan Bower.

Dead City Dealers (on this recording):
Sam Sinister - yelling, growling, funny faces, involuntary spitting.
Mario Speedwagon - guitar, profuse bleeding, fancy footwork.
Christopher Vermin - bass, intimidation, heavy lifting, public relations.
Andy Savage - guitar, smirking, drunken shenanigans.
Ryan Bower - Drums.

Featured Review

Straight ahead punk rock with satirical lyrics and well done within the limits of that style. The lyrics are the focus for me here because although your music is well played and recorded it's very basic and predictable.

I'm not into punk rock really but I like your vocals and lyrics and I would get into this more if you could feature your songwriting talents in a more original style where we can still rock but the lyrics are more accessible.


Featured Review

So did you resurrect Jimmy Pursey to record this song with you? Lead singer of Sham 69! The track is very much in that vogue, punk, a bit of rebellion, lots of chanting, and did I detect a female vocalist towards the end?

I loved the punk/ new wave revolution of the late 70's, so it goes without saying that I loved this track.

The scores are quite low in places, as I've assessed each criteria accordingly, as the musicianship was very basic, but on reflection, that's just what the song needed!

It's well worth listening to again, and again, and again....

Ailwyn Rees


She's pretentious, a hip agnostic
You best friend if you can get good weed
She's a writer, kinda plastic
Convoluted, yet so pristine

She reads Nietzsche in the middle of a donut shop
Wannabe Bohemian who works in a coffee shop
She's god's gift to all the emo boys
That ain't me, Oi! Oi! Oi!

She likes indie bands and bad poetry
She'll like anything that gives her credibility
She's a feminist
An existentialist
A hipster fascist, and that's why she isn't into me


She's at the Beehive Smokin' Pall Mall cigarettes
Ramen noodles is the new hip meal
Went to a record store for Captain Beefheart
But then she settled for Captain and Tinnille