In the Year 2203 by Daniel P Hudelson

Current Round: 1  

Where I was in the mid 90's....I was actually in the future! Someday you'll understand.

Featured Review

Random. The reviewing rules change when one chooses to examine an experiment. On listen one I feel like this is a lament from the future. Next time around it’s more clear.
Although there’s certainly a pattern, the vocals comes across as a speech, a wandering series of thoughts, prose which marches. Musically nothing seems arbitrary, and is eloquently executed, with imaginative sounds coming, and frequently sliding, at you from all angles, and certainly not complacent. Never a dull moment really. Lyrically there’s enough for a short story, providing sufficient material for all that emotion and theatre, punctuated by heavenly angels. Particularly successful is the arousing little burst from 4:12 – 4:19, which has clarity and buoyancy. Generally, because of the metre and the tone and inflection, the message is buried, it makes you listen and is therefore sympathetic to repeated listens. Devious bugger, this one. Even with a lot missing, we still somehow get the morality.
It’s not clear to me whether this is wholly serious. I imagine it was fun regardless. To abandon the strictures of cyclic melody is to free the text, so to speak; to broaden the narrative, to never be forced to trim. The drums sit back, content to act as gel, and thus don’t get in the way. There is clarity and quality for all the instruments, so it’s not just a muckabout. It’s a well-mannered discussion in a riot’s clothing.