The Stranger of Every by Daniel P Hudelson

Caberet Rock
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From the The Stranger Musical, slated for production in the Spring of 2017.

Music, Instruments, Vocals - Daniel Hudelson*
Lyrics - Kim Christie
*excepting outro "Townsfolk" chorus - K Christie, cj (Uncle Albert) Denecia & Jack

Featured Review

A fast-paced journey through the mind of a madman, its external and internal inhabitants, they don't come much more interesting and original than this.
From your first introduction to a cornucopia cast, you are drawn into the manic heart of this surreal Lynchesque drama, bombarded with a monologue of words and impressions.
It takes several listens to get the hang of it all.
Wonderful musicianship and clarity of production provides a foundation without which the whole thing could collapse into a confused mess.
As it develops one gets the impression of Bowie in Vaudeville, but only in touches. The Queen-like guitar layers which tie up the verses move it all somewhere else.
Excellent vocals all the way, especially as they have a little more spit than polish. At the climax one has the feeling of being at the centre of a crowd of advancing carnival zombies.
For a long song, it's over too quick. Sometimes earnestly making a statement, and mostly a whole lot of fun. The only criticism worth mentioning is that there is room for a little more dynamism in the mix in the first two thirds.
But very talented and inventive songwriting here. Well done.


Featured Review

a pretty wild intro actually - especially when you consider it leads into what is essentially a fun show song!

as I sit through the first listen, at first I feel like it's just wrong that it's being considered a "pop" song by the musicians but then again, the longer I consider it- the more I sorta love the idea that it's trying to break over the edge of dramatic storytelling music into a more commercial mainstream audience oriented world. and I applaud the effort.

the musicianship is stellar across the board. great beat for the style - it drives the tune along - tho at times I wish the drums stood a little hotter in the mix - not always - jst a few times when it seems like the flow would be better served by more leading man kitting. the bass is about as perfect as it can be to be honest. it follows sometimes, it leads at other times and sometimes it just holds open the door for everything else.

the guitars are all just all anybody could ask for - the players had fun - they got to be star and they got to groove and they got to be voices as important as the singers - what with the frills, extended noodling masquerading as rhythm keeping and all that while just sounding great and being fully rep'd in the mix so you could hear each and every note. some pretty damn hot stuff happening there ...

the piano seems to be very underestimated in the mix, almost an afterthought in performance at times but thesong would lose so much of it's showy texture if it weren't there. it's the unsung hero of the song - as good as could be imagined. and all with no complaints about getting second tier billing. the perfect role player.

the vocals .... well, the vocals .... for what this song is trying to do - which is to entertain me - nothing more, nothing less ... it's a broadway hit. a crossover pop charting hit. the drama is fabulous. the expression is audaciously adept. the dynamically driven vocal arrangement is met equally by the wonderfully flowing lyrical promise of the story. which is scripted with ease and accessibility throughout. the lead vocal is pretty much flawless like the top billing star it thinks it should be and the supporting cast is a lesson in accentuating the positive and lifting the team higher and higher with it's energy and creative drive.

the vocals are just great. tho I did wonder for a second if somebody was trying a little too hard to recreate a bit of uncle albert's past.

all in all, just an incredibly enjoyable piece of music. I now have decided I want to actually go to the theatre and see the show and after that, I will buy the single and look at the rest of the soundtrack cus if it's as good as this, I'm loving it. this is what fun music is all about. not silly jokes and not stupid cliche songs that fall apart after a dozen listens. this one is one you can return again and again to. and likely - it'll stay fresh and easy to hear time after time.

tattered stage curtains be damned - take a bow kids.



The Stranger of Every

Do any o’ you boys know
A place ‘round here to go for stimulation?
Don’t have a whole lotta time
To find my particular kind of escalation.

Nice place you got yourselves here...
Oh, maybe just a beer if you insist.
No, just here one night,
Leaving as soon as it’s light - I got some business...
I got some business out East.

It’s another location to be where nobody knows me.
Therapeutically great to be where nobody knows me.
The stranger of Every,
I never will get home
You know

I’ve come unbelievably far.
Kinda lose track where you are -
Could make you crazy.
Uh - the motel ‘cross the street.
Already got something to eat -
Now, about that lady...

I’d be happy to pay the fare
As long as she’s laissez-faire
And wholly shameless.
It might get a little bit weird,
Stipulations are perfectly clear, though nameless.
Me, I’m blameless.

Just another stopover commodity, nobody knows me.
Beneficial to psychology is nobody knows me.
The stranger of Every,
I never will get home
I know.

Liberating me in your town.

Dull obscurity,
Unconfined in me….

Realising me in your town.

Is illusory.
Passing through with me…

I am never getting home.
Recognition an unknown.

Can any of you boys see?
Don’t come much stranger than me,
And complications mean I’d better be on my way,
There’s someone I got to pay
For those standard deviations…

It’s a perfect vocation to be where nobody knows me.
Incognito is neato cos I’m where nobody knows me.
The stranger of Every,
I’m never gonna get home
Oh no

The townsfolk chorus:

Just a visitor,
No inquisitor
Required to shield
The folks of our town.

We're oblivious of
What you bring to us
There’s a willingness…

Lots of passers-through
Need something to do,
Services supplied
By our town
Things pecuniary
Bring us surety
There’s security…

that was horrible

© Krispshire & Wilfred Studios

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