Far Better To Roam by Daniel P Hudelson

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Song written by David B Stube (my cousin & partner in crime during the stoner years).
“Far Better To Roam” was inspired whilst in Rome, Italy, tracking down his wife’s relatives. “Rent a deathwish” refers to their questionable judgement in renting a car to drive highspeed bumper-to-bumper through narrow chaotic streets in search of clues as to how to track down her mother’s sister, Ninetta, whom they finally locate, who “drinks deep the Nona [her sister] in you [the daughter].” Uncle Giovanni’s attention, however, has wandered to outside to where funeral procession is happening by. “Tonight, we sleep with Putti” refers to marble angel statues, that are everywhere to watch over us.
Dan Hudelson- voice & guitars
David Stube-songwriting, bass
Mark Villanova-drums

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