To Be With You by Daniel P Hudelson

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Songwriter - David B Stube

Dave's a former bandmate, partner in crime and still cousin. He wrote this about his then-fiance.

Featured Review

This track has such a strange intriguing soul..Its a bizarre mix of stop-start machine jerkiness and open hearted generous-spirited melodicism..The innocent child that has to go to work in the factory 'cos he's gotta eat....
Its like Scott Walker or Gene Pitney at their most human only have robots to play with.. -Or 80s Robert Palmer suddenly woke up and discovered he'd got a heart and just had to express himself that way..

In reality there's such an intuitive quality and obvious emotional push to the songwriting and the tune here i can't help but totally love it..

The proud short-burst vocals-suggesting a stiff upper lip character who's just had his heart opened for the first time and is really trying to hold his old self together while expressing his life changing truth..

The guitaring throughout is sublime..Full of gorgeous ringing soulful riffs often mirroring the vocal line- and just as often providing ace hooks of their own..

Its a fabulous track..Totally eccentric,stubborn and jerky-yet totally human,heartfelt n soulful at the same time..
Very cool
Thanx for the inspiration :)

Steve Ison

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