You Will Like This More by Bankrupts

Eclectic Celtic
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Written in reaction to musical rejection, I had been on a stretch of songwriting that were hard to like- dark topics, dreary music, what I call sloppy experimental. This is self-referential and was when first heard more appropriately titled by one reviewer you will hate this less, which was good enough for me.

And I cannot claim I learned some lesson, I still get excessive and critically suffer for it, but I do so knowingly and somewhat willingly, for usually we need to get it out, whatever it is, and not all efforts are equal, and that's OK if you are ready for the flack. It is different than the way you feel when something very cool seems hidden in plain sight but similarly frustrating.

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Loved the quirky lyrics... they're inventive and rhyme nicely. Come to that, I've never heard a mermaid sing.

Not your bog standard folk song is it? It probably won't appeal to the folk purist, but what the hell! It would fit nicely into an experimental folk category!

Apart from that there wasn't much else to the song, but I think I know who you are!

Ailwyn Rees

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well well well ..... I have to say upfront, I am not in favor of referring to this song as folk of any kind. and really, that's not cool. but despite that, I'll be fair in my assessment.

and for that, I'll mix up the positive and negative ....

the drums .... well, programmed and canned to a fault, at leas they are somewhat solid and potentially possible to play. making them moderately believable. and with somewhat reasonable sounds ... they get lost a little in the mix from time to time - mostly, cus the vocals are too loud but ok, they're liveable.

on a mixed bag note, I hate it when a song that needs a bass and real bassline doesn't have one. and this is one of those times ... but there are bass notes there and from time to time, good ones. nearly harmonic in nature ... I get the feeling it might have been accidental cus there's nearly as many notes that go low that are really not in keeping with the good.

negatively thinking tho ... there's some completely horrible keyboard sounds and frankly, note choices here. those parts are not exactly few and far between, the synth strings with all the bends and such - like a slide - ... well ... to be honest, they sound like shit. both the voicings and the parts. and the worst thing is, the worst is the most predominant part in the song that starts it off and ends it and doesn't let up in the middle. actually after more listens, it's clear that the sliding thing is a different voice than the strings - and maybe even a slide guitar or something - either way, it's not getting it .... there are tho a few fills on what sounds like a keyboard piano that almost seem to work. little frills. with air between each attempt ... and they are the least offensive parts in the instrumentation. sometimes almost good.

so, the bed track is a mixed bag musically. mostly not enjoyable but there is potential. it would help loads if it was apparent that the musicians had a general knowledge of what the hell they were doing but it's painfully obvious that they don't. that they are simply winging it without caring too much about working together on a chordal theme. the good news is, even a bling dog finds a bone now and then and that's what's happened here.

the vocals ... well, once again, a pot porri of good and frankly - quite bad. the voice of the vocalist is actually smooth - or to a certain extent, smooth sounding, here and there. with good timbre and mostly - consistent pitch. not much variation in delivery and certainly void of emotion but if one needed a non offensive back lounge singer to lead a pack of tone deaf wolves, this is the guy you'd pick. he'll sound pleasant in the midst of all the howling. the bad news is that the melody is forced, a bit droning and frankly, not all that melodic but there are fewer than a half dozen cringe points so that's sorta good ....

the lyrics? are you talking to me? cus maybe you're right, maybe I do like it better than your last one. or maybe it's more that I'm less annoyed. that's not exactly the same thing. and really, to be sure, if you can't learn how to shove a meter along without sounding like you've shoehorned it in, why are you trying to do it? if you can't bunch syllables into the measure and have them sound natural - which you don't here, then STOP TRYING TO. don't you hear that you're not good at it? beieve me, I know what you're trying to do but it's not working. relax and let the beat formulate your words to an extent. don't fight it, you're losing.

but here's the really good news for ya. you win the review pair. it's better a song than the one you went up against. it won't help the song become good. it won't help the song move beyond the 1st round. but it is a moment in the sun, take that for what it's worth.



you will like this more

sometimes I get it right
but many times I’m wrong
the music in my head
just won’t move along

meaning adrift in an ocean
melody lost at sea
the ship is surely sinking
we’ll probably agree

you didn’t like the last song
parts you truly hated
I wish it could be otherwise
but truth’s appreciated

but this time your opinion
will be different, I am sure
because I wrote this song in such a way
that you will like this more

some songs are for mermaids
others are for whales
or try to be political
or telling sordid tales

some songs are for lovers
no heart is hard to break
and every stage we chronicle
even ones we fake

it’s true I’ve been a captain
aboard a sinking ship
save room in the lifeboat
for one more fateful trip

my compass may be spinning
and storms may do me in
but if I’m not so destined
I’ll be back this way again

you didn’t like the last song
parts you truly hated
I wish it could be otherwise
but truth’s appreciated

but this time your opinion
will be different, I am sure
because I wrote this song in such a way
that you will like this more