But You Know by Bankrupts

Final Round: 1  

I had totally forgotten this song existed. It is extreme, but it was probably inspired by the synth sound and composed and sung on the fly. For that I enjoy how it sounds, so over the top.

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smooth intro ... NOT. nice short intro .... NOT. good intro levels .... NOT. wait ... it's not the intro at all, it's nearly 2 minutes in and nothing besides some synth stuff has happened yet. not a chance in hell that when I go looking for a rock song that I'll stick around for 2 boring minutes to get to anything.


but .... I guess since I have given up this much of my life to this review, I'll continue.

so - I'll try .... the swell intro, which as mentioned, lasts forever and 3 years, does nothing for me but make me reach for the volume fader so the peaks don't blow out my headphones with it's high frequency clips ...

there's a chord here, I'm sure .... tho I'm hardpressed to guess if it's an accepted and standard one. but the sustain is admirable, personally, I'd have given up after about 45 seconds if that's all I could find for a musical statement. but wait - WAIT, there is a change. to another semi real semblance of a chord. and some vocals ... and words even. and there's some wow & flutter added to the sustain to try to give it some personality. it didn't. just sounded like you went for the pitch knob and could not decide to use it or not and in the meantime, some slight variation actually accidentally happened ...

annoying. that is the best thing I can say about the keys here. I doubt it'll affect me in such a fashion as I'll head for the nearest most populated area and start firing my semi automatic weapon at innocent bystanders but there is that possibility.

if only I was in a country that allowed me such power.

it's all negative here .... the one upshot I suppose is that the vocals - with it's common and unassuming voice is nearly always in key. what he said during the croon over the swoon, I have no idea, didn't care enough to pay attention but all in all, it made me think that although the vocals aren't engaging, interesting or even worth 10 seconds of my attention, they are this 'song's" strong suit. and that, is quite a statement of doom.

earlier, before hitting the play button, I was in a relatively decent mood ... now, I'm not. now, I'm mildly irritated and annoyed. is that the emotion you were trying to make me engage in? thanks.

find the master tape, send it to north korea, it will certainly make Kim Jong-un pissed enough at america to try to nuke us with his weapons of self destruction and it'll give us reason to in turn, nuke him off the map and so then, you did the globabl society a favor. good for you.

I must now go listen to terry jacks seasons in the sun to try to recapture some balance in my musical make up. and I have always hated that song. yet like it 1 million times more than this ...

go figure.

btw - for the sake of honesty, you got all the lowest scores possible.