Western Lullaby by Bankrupts

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This is a music video on Youtube, and its very premise is rather unusual. I think of it as a long nonsense song in the vein of nursery rhymes but with a western theme, not country.

It has an unusual arrangement, too. There is my usual rough mix, but I hope you enjoy it for what it is and aspires to be.

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This is what I would expect The Doors to sound like if they were to get their start 40 years later and that is definitely not a bad thing. You jump right into it which is ok but I would probably get into more if the intro was a bit more progressive. The lyrics seem very dark at first but the more I listen I notice a hint of romanticism. The music fits the desert theme. Nicely done. The song as a whole seems a little repetitive. It's hard to tell the verses from the choruses if that's what you would call them. It all runs together making the songs seem much longer than it is. The greatest aspect for me is how uniquely original this is which makes me want to hear more.

Mid Mo Guinea Pig

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Stuck in the muck you well may be, and probably still waiting for that cheque to arrive in the post, especially if it's for guitar royalties, as I couldn't hear it. Bring it up a few dB's please, so that it can be heard.

I like the songwriting style you have used, as it's almost story like, getting stuck in the desert, bitten by snakes, etc., etc. Very inventive, and it makes the song interesting alongside your varied vocals :-).

Yep, I know who you are, and I continue to enjoy listening to your alternative style!

Ailwyn Rees


Part 1A:
come, little cowboy, saddle up and ride with me
Dsus4 A
counting little dogies as we cross the waterless sea

A- E Asus4 E
across the range of dreamland where tomorrow soon we’ll be
E-7 Gmaj7 B Esus4 B
where stories end when heroes win with justice swift and sweet

life can end an awful wreck with a noose around your neck
G- D Gsus4 D D-7
if in cold blood you shoot a man or cannot keep your pride in check

Part 2B:
Bbmaj7 A Dsus4 A
for in the beautiful desert, in the sand on the rugged ground
A A-7
the scorpions silently roam and snakes slither without a sound
with only the occasional rattle kindly warning you to back away
and remember there is danger in the desert night or day

for life can take a turn or two
tries its best to blindside you
so keep an eagle eye out, and with a bit of luck
Gb6 A6
you might avoid getting bitten or stuck in the muck

Musical Interlude:

Part 3A:
come, little cowgirl, we’ll ride into the west
awash in fiery hues of sunset, our worries all suppressed

we’ll bathe in desert moonbeams and blue-gray prairie starlight
that amplify the spirits that remain from days gone by

sleep, my child, I promise, is coming very soon
serenaded by coyotes howling at the moon

Fb6 Bb6 A6 Ab6

Part 4C:
sleep, baby, sleep
Ebmaj7 G-
let your fancy take flight
D7 F#
there’s nothing else you can do save to fight
D1s F# D7 F#
your struggle is useless
G- G-
yes, your cries are loud
Ebmaj7 G Gm
but no one heeds your plight

D7 F#
your eyelids are so heavy
D11 F#
why do you still resist?
D7 F#
you’re almost all the way there
C- G
no action will be missed!
and I will give you wisdom
C6 Db6
you are far too young to claim
D1s D7
but since I sing it sweetly
Dsus4 A
you’ll like it all the same

D-7/11 D
sleep, little cowboy, sleep
G- D F#
rocked in the saddle, hear the night softly call
G- C- G
staying one step ahead of the long arm of the law
Ebmaj7/6 G
it’s always so much better when it ends up in a draw

C-11 G
and time you have a lot
so give it all you’ve got
Ebmaj7 G G-9
and get out while you’re still hot
D7 F# D11 F# D7 F# D F# D7 F# D9 F#
and know when you are not

C-6 G
but now the night is quiet
G- Asus4/18
and there’s one thing left to do
E-7 G
close your eyes and travel
in the world inside of you
sleep, little cowgirl, sleep
Gb Dsus4/i13
the time has come for you
to mosey on down that trail
Fb6/9 D
let go of today and tell tomorrow
the check is in the mail

sleep, baby, sleep
let your fancy take flight
there’s nothing else you can do save to fight
your struggle is useless
yes, your cries are loud
but no one heeds your plight