warm winter nights by Bankrupts

Spoken Word
Final Round: 1  

I wrote and recorded this last night. I hear the pops and cracks and hiss, and I don't care, to me it is more interesting this way.

It is another crazy drum track, and the oboe, bassoon, and french horns are an odd fit. But I've done a number of spoken word songs and they all are a little strange.

But this one has a strange peacefulness and waxes between poetry and cliche. I hope you can feel it.

Featured Review

This feels like mystic wisdom being imparted by a benevolent beatnik philosopher...A poem set to a loose chaotic soundtrack with crashing drums and an improvised oboe pad on a keyboard....
There's some beautiful beat poetry here in bits i could make out i.e 'there's no pain in death -only pain of life unlived' and the voice is soothing and cool..
Aesthetically as a 'song' i'd want to listen to again tho it just dosn't work for me...
Having no tune on the main vocal is one thing -but then having no melodic hook instrumentally to hold onto when there's no melodic vocal is another....
So its like i'm left swimming in a sea of improv formlessness..
Lyrics sound very evocative n magical tho-Would love to hear them given a different treatment..

Steve Ison


sometimes in our life
all the confusion and strife
and all the crossed t’s and dotted i’s
cross the lines
imperiling our opinions
impeding our decisions

like a holiday from reality
realizing we can’t really resist
we breathe in deeply
the smells of unkept time
under moonless skies
on warm winter nights

there is no pain of death
only pain of life unlived
far worse if you ask me
which is why we gaze into the sky
as if tonight’s the night
the universe’s secrets are revealed

the next morning it may feel like nothing happened
nothing changed, nothing learned
every single little thing the same
we wonder how could that be
what force makes us forget
what happens on warm winter nights

of course everybody has the answer
stuck like used gum on your soul
every step you take a fresh distraction
from mysteries we discover
under moonless skies
on warm winter nights

where is the moon
tucked behind a cloud
or flying through the shadow of the earth
or somewhere over the horizon
who knows, it’s out of sight
on this warm winter night