Tom Swift Jr Theme Song by Bankrupts


Catch the video on YouTube (search for 'tom swift jr')!

This is just a prototype, if you will, of the final song. If you like books and words, you might like this song because it is a lot about just that. I would call it lo-fi, although I think it sounds fairly big. However, I created a video homage collage documentary which fits this version rather well, so it is a keeper as is just for that. My son said it was not totally embarrassing!

Lo-fi is a ubiquitous term, and it is often interchanged with less neutral descriptions. That may be true. But it is not about the fi, especially the final fi, the universal minimum standard fi. It is about the song.

As a child I ordered all the new Tom Swift Jr novels, sometimes through the mail. I think I idolized him, possibly wore my hair and dressed like him at a young age. But he invented a lot of things.

The story behind the story is amazing as well. All those books written by the fictitious Victor Appleton II, whose fictitious father, Victor Appleton, authored the original Tom Swift series. They were part of Stratemeyer Literary Syndicate, which also created a slew of other juvenile series including Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew!


“Those blasted Brungarian spies
just pilfered the unperfected plans
and prototype of your latest invention,”
Bud Barclay alliterated a little too creatively.

“No problem,” Tom Swift Jr. replied,
his stare fixed on the computer display.
“Specifically, it will explode if they use it,”
he precisely predicted.
“Plus I still have the Megascope Space Prober
which will track them by their unique subatomic signature.

“We will follow them in the Flying Lab
and then close in with the Jetmarine
or my Ultrasonic Cycloplane.
Then I might try out my Electronic Thought Nullifier Bomb
which invokes temporary total amnesia within a 100 yard radius
unless you are wearing an aluminum foil hat,”
he added absentmindedly.