tales of the interstellar fur traders by Bankrupts

Final Round: 1  

Inspired by a spoken word song I heard only because it was recommended in a thread by Krispy, Attack of the White Lotus, I believe, and excessive noodling with my new audio setup, and of course way too much free time, and the title of a Robert Hunter song, Tales of the Great Rum Runners, here is another spoken word song. All that notwithstanding, I think it is pretty original and entertaining anyway. I will not compare this song too stringently, mine is by far the looser arrangement. What we have in common is storytelling, and I hope you enjoy it because it is a long story and longer song.

I have no idea where the concept of "interstellar fur traders" came from. Possibly I fantasized this character in real time as never before that day had I ever heard the like. I just googled it and found one match, amazingly enough, in a forum about Vendetta Online, some game.

I wouldn’t call it a great mix or good mix even, but I respect it as pretty darn good for as easy as it was for me to achieve. There are aspects that are scary how neatly they turned out considering the considerable chaos that went into their creation. As I had an extra day stymied by a glitch uploading, I could not resist adding another sung vocal part, which I think pushes it squarely into the experimental category of rock, or at the very least certifiable overkill, even though I think it is an unexpectedly pleasant rock listen and am still uploading into Rock subcat sci-fi.

I’m giving Reaper a double thumbs up!


striking out along the eastern shore
we were delighted to find other villages
taking advantage of the excellent fishing
and fertile soil where minor tributaries
finally reached the tangerine sea

their language had taken a tangent over time
Zs were sapped of their ZAP and all the vowels except for A
felt slightly shifted as if leaning to the left in a funny way
everyone would always get a good laugh at each other’s expense at first
and then we’d get down to the business at hand
what they have to trade for our treasure of trinkets
information, entertainment, and nanotechnology
they couldn’t get enough of the solar powered scrolls
with the latest petabyte of fresh content
we offer a preview, a glimpse of Gilligan’s Island
the ironic symbolism shines brightly in their hungry eyes

it boggles the mind how we now fly cargo ships at warp speed
to all the colonized Class M planets with clockwork regularity
to return full of furs and timber and rare metals, stones and bones
woven goods and carved knick knacks
the difference in the early sublight days when the journey alone consumed lifetimes
and yet it was then when the steady stream of interstellar fur traders
as they came known to be, as they came to be known, began in earnest
because even though generations had thrived on strange new worlds
developing technologies and unique resources also of value to Earth
time and time again it was the allure of the most primitive items
that resisted manufactured replication that consistently filled the hulls coming home

in hindsight it is not at all surprising that the demand for low technology items
encouraged a developed devolution to a pioneer spirit embracing the frontier ethos
returning honor to honest work, pride in craftsmanship, love for a peaceful end of the day
to warm in front of the fire while watching a little mindless TV or playing a video game
or reading a new eBook by your favorite author
things had come full spiral, these people wore beards and beads and carried rayguns
isolated in their neck of the galactic woods, some dreaming of going back or further
many content to be left alone aside from the traditional trading

so how was it that man did not live up to his well-deserved reputation
to demonstrate his inhumanity to man, to not take war to the stars
certainly there were many cries of alarm, calls for action, corporate greed and political power

plainly speaking, the shortsightedness of those feeble evil planners
could not withstand the time the distance required
and the people who made the trip
released from any consequences for not following foolish orders
would rectify the situation and alleviate the tension en route
invariably arriving with a healthy attitude and sincerest welcomes

these brave souls became the first interstellar fur traders
yes, outlaws in some jurisdictions and times
but fundamental right outlasts uncivilized tendencies as the decades flew by
and each new arrival of stuff, although feeding our urge to conspicuously consume
achieved much more, somehow entangling the ideas of our species, ennobling the purpose
for our existence, and forming the basis for our hope that we shall succeed

at the end of the day we had exchanged our boxes of gizmos for a large load of pelts
many of a color found on no other planet due to the permanent blue orange glaze in the sky
tonight we party with the locals and sleep as privileged guests in their homes
everyone eagerly hearing and telling the tales of here and far away places
as is the tradition on every planet when the interstellar fur traders arrive

a ship would arrive every year, almost always an all new crew
as there were radiation hazards in space, even in a field of warped space.
usually a handful of passengers would stay as about the same number boarded for flight
and occasionally a fur trader would opt to stay
meet somebody or fall in love with a place or both
it was never encouraged nor denied if it happened
and it happened almost every trip to somebody
it is as if it has something to do with the universal nature of love

and the rest of us must also feel drawn by that same inexplicable force
and so we would return home to our previously happy lives
bringing a nice paycheck to go in the bank and further tales of the interstellar fur traders