Someday by Bankrupts

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This was one of my first GarageBand songs from 2003. My son wrote the lyrics, very dark and not typical of me, and all my equipment and software at that time was very basic.

I enjoy the piano line, and how the melody breaks out of its predictable next chord, it feels to me like it's always hanging onto the song by a thread.

Perhaps someday somebody will contribute some better guitar and drums and whatnot and redo this song because I feel it has emotion.

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if this is who I think it is, I'm pretty amazed initially ... at a lot of things.

a strong bit of an intro .... and a really good musical concept seems to live here. to be sure, as I've already listened once through, the song doesn't end up being particularly strong in some aspects but the performance was nearly groundbreaking in many ways for this artist that I am familiar with.

as I said, the intro was tight - even the vocals ... nice piano happening over some cool power chords and a drum roll filled beat. it all sounds pretty decent and holds together well till what I think is the chorus. which sorta falters slightly ... and the whole key change was abrupt and wrong but I gotta give credit to thesinger and the band for pulling it off without errors. I didn't really like the change then, nor do I like it later on in the song but everybody played through it with ease and that's a huge thing for this band.

the vocals are especially worth noting as the guy really pulls off one of his best ever performances where there is not only a pretty good melody happening but there's frills and slides and notes that get nailed instead of simply slopped over. and it's even mixed better than normal with the vox being on top but not completely overpowering everything. nice.

the drums .... like I said, it's in there. often, not much groove and not much solid beat but all in all, the over the top roll and snare filled part is pretty good in it's own way.

the gits get old but they sound half way decent ... the piano fills and tickling works cus it stays in key mostly and the other keys fit too! I'm really pleasantly amazed.

the vocal line is so good, and the lyrics flow really well, well enough that I actually, for once, paid attention to them. and that's all cus there was some consideration given to how the melody worked with the words. there is cohesion. of course, the song and lyrics go on too long and too far and all in all, start to lose me cus it's so much so far but it held my attention for a solid 3 minutes. and that's a whole lot for me reviewing these guys.

there's times when the song actually even seems a tad familiar in that the musicians (yes, that's what I said, musicians - for once) called upon their influences and actually came on something that nearly works well in doing so .... great job.

big points for making a song that although I don't particularly like, I could listen to objectively cus it didn't bug me. that's a lot. keep working at this, you're finally getting it.


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You certainly placed this track into the right category...

Lyrics were somewhat challenging and controversial, not ones I would chose to use if I were a songwriter, but they fitted well into the context of this number.

You've out together a good original here, using an alternative style of musicianship, playing chords in a format that few musicians would dare to, and being very brave! The piano stood out well!

The track did not come across to me as being melodious, nor could I detect a hook, bit I felt that it was a good production, as you had the balls to try something different. Well done!

Ailwyn Rees



Lyrics by Bryan Bancroft, Music by Steve Bancroft

someday is a word for bastards like me
it defers the pain of the present
by betting against reality

you never win in this game though
it really doesn't change
someday comes along with nothing nice to say

if I could die tonight and live tomorrow
I would do it in an instant
if I could lie tonight and tell the truth tomorrow
I would do it in an instant

someday is a word about having no way out
it's being trapped by circumstance
and the room only gets smaller
until you can be nothing more than its definition
and someday comes along with a look of satisfaction

if I could die tonight and live tomorrow
I would do it in an instant
if I could lie tonight and tell the truth tomorrow
I would do it in an instant

someday is a word that is a way of life
it's hearing the party next door
while "if only's" sharpen the blade
and someday comes along with delusions to peddle elsewhere

if I could die tonight and live tomorrow
I would do it in an instant
if I could lie tonight and tell you
I would do it in an instant