Premature Celebration by Bankrupts

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This is one of a couple of songs from the past using a program called Keytar that enabled me to play chords in a specific pattern on the function keys, sort of in live time. In this case I used a keyboard sound, and I sang and played in one mixed take pretty much in real time. After I did the absurd- I added a second echoed vocal track that sort of chases the original lead. To complete the chaos, I added a fragment of a drum loop that just is an anti-beat except it is so regular.

I could say it is experimental due to its strange structure, but insofar as chord progressions, melody, lyrics, it is pretty mellow almost jazzy stuff. Since I think it has hooks, I'm going to take a chance a broader audience might appreciate the journey.

The basic premise of the song is one of the pillars of my personal philosophy on life, one of the fundamental keys to achieving more happiness, even if at first it seems just a cheap play on words.

Yes, it is seven minutes long and one of my trippiest, I suggest use it as a sit back and relax experience.

Featured Review

Well you and I have something on common.... I too get blisters when I wear new shoes. I bought a pair 2 months ago, and they still give me grief now! Still, my skin has hardened up now, so less pain when walking!

Oops, 5 min has now elapsed, so I suppose I ought to review your individual aspects. Overall, the track simply didn't do it for me, but lets look into it a bit deeper.

Vocals... very alternative, and in their own I liked them, so you score well here, and that led on to intelligent use of lyrics!

I really feel that more effort could have been put into the musicianship, as at times the instruments seemed a bit "wayward," but I guess that's the art of being alternative, or maybe experimental?

I did get rather bored, and began lamenting about the poor condition of my size 12 feet, so perhaps 7.05 was a tad too long, but you win this round, mainly because you had the guts ton try something different!

There were quite a few crackles in the mix that perhaps could have been ironed out, but you obviously chose to leave them in there, and that leads to believe that I know who you are!

Ailwyn Rees


Premature Celebration by Steve Bancroft

yesterday I had a date
felt so good I couldn't wait
spent all my money on that girl
the night went by in such a whirl

we dined and danced
I even kissed her
my brand new shoes
gave me a blister

last night she told me
she had fun
today she says
I'm not the one

now I'm broke
as is my heart
my future plans
just fell apart

fact is some folks will take you
for anything you've got
and you know some girls will love you
for everything you're not

I could see it coming a mile away
the odds were she would never stay
but I never even hesitated
because I prematurely celebrated

premature celebration
is my philosophy
the future is uncertain
but never history

so do yourself a favor
find the benefit in doubt
why worry about tomorrow
just let it all hang out

why I was feeling lonely
I failed to reach my goal
haunted by sweet memory
and a blister on my sole

so I spent my last dollar
and played the lottery
and dreamed away the afternoon
in a millionaire fantasy

I knew my chance of winning
was nearly nonexistent
but by prematurely celebrating
hope remained persistent

at 10 o'clock I watched the news
with great anticipation
regret to say I did not win
but not my premature celebration

some might think I am a fool
for what I do suggest
but they're worrying about tomorrow
and almost always feeling stressed

they're working on a heart attack
missing out on lots of fun
all the good times and memories
through premature celebration

you might tell a doctor
who might prescribe a pill
or refer you to a psychiatrist
who helps the mentally ill

if you fear the worst
you might forget all the best
for every man is cursed
as much as every man is blessed

yeah premature celebration
my philosophy
premature celebration
yeah it's my philosophy
well the future is so uncertain
and has one remedy

so do yourself a favor
find the benefit in doubt
don't worry about tomorrow
just let it all hang out