Plans 1-9 From Outer Space (dance) by Bankrupts

Cult Sci-Fi
Final Round: 1  

There is another version of this, but this one is my foray into electronic dance music, and ergo holds a special place in my heart.

This has extrapolated quite a bit from the information actually in the Ed Wood movie, and it is pretty silly in and of itself. If there are still discos in the world, this is perfect disco music.

Featured Review

Sounds like they invited the chipmunks to a dance party and got so drunk they recorded that thing.

The beat is much too complex to be danceable, and it's repetitive as well. So not only doesn't it work, it gets old pretty quickly.

There's some nondescript synth going on. Hardly a recognizable bass line.

But the joke is mostly on the vocals, one almost straight singer singing something completely unrelated to the 'musical' background, constantly doubled by the chipmunk vocal.

I cannot say I even laughed. Which is not good news for what I consider a joke. Yet another 5 minutes of my life I will miss. I can't thank you for that.



Plans 1-9 From Outer Space

there is much to take into consideration
when you plan an interplanetary invasion
you have to factor all the factors
and figure all the figures
the battle fleet’s been practicing
and going through its rigors

you see every planet’s different
so one plan’s insufficient
what weaknesses of some other race
may not apply in this region of space
it’s best to cover every base
with backup plans just in case

but in our evaluation
the situation looks quite fine
we’ll proceed with the invasion
and we’re going with Plan 9

Plan 9 from Outer Space
we’re going to conquer the human race
why, you ask? Because we can
and Plan 9 is such a very fine plan

Plan 1
involves the sun
a supernova gets the job done
but it destroys everyone
when it’s over, everything’s gone
party’s over, it’s no fun

Plan 2
here’s what we do
we spray the earth with alien flu
everyone’s skin turns electric blue
just one minor problem- we can catch it too

Plan 3
seemed good to me
they go to sleep, their souls we keep
a perfect plan but for one thing
we don’t have technology
so alien or man a soul can see

Plan 4
oh what a bore
I mean really, to the earth’s core
earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes galore
but we lose California, that is for sure
and our fearless leader will surely be sore

Plan 5
I do not jive
nobody gets out alive
100% to which we strive
but it was vetoed by our wives

Plan 6
in our bag of tricks
would land them squarely right in the mix
a pretty pickle, a precarious fix
but it was hard work like lifting bricks
manual labor? This plan got nixed

Plan 7
we promise heaven
you just step in our UFO and
in a second you’ll be risen
far above the fjords of Sweden
alas we’ve nothing to believe in!

Plan 8
we thought of pretty late
it wasn’t so bad but it’s not all that great
we’d leave everyone in the hands of fate
and no one would suspect and we would simply wait

some argued free will, others destiny
that timeless classical debate of philosophy
it went on and on and it just got out of line
it was a perfect stalemate so we’re going with Plan 9

Plan 9 from Outer Space
we’re going to conquer the human race
why, you ask? Because we can
and Plan 9 is such a very fine plan