Money Is Freedom of Speech by Bankrupts

So-Fi Rock
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What is experimental? Is it the rambling trippy arrangement and over the top vocals? I prefer to think the most experimental part is the synth loops and how they interplayed with the trippy guitar which I played. The unusual rhythm and transitions have a musical quality that exceeds the sum of their parts, vibes.

And yes, it's a rather gloomy social science fiction story about money buying elections and government and running for office with a plan to negate that. Well, inspiration is like that.

So I don't know, alternative experimental social fiction rock, sometimes it still happens.

Featured Review

Life is full of likes and dislikes; stuff which you would like to make better and other stuff that's so much better than you. This tune's a bit like that.
Firstly, I don't like the fact that the drums are not going about establishing a beat for me, it's like they just don't care. Of course, in Experimental one must expect the unexpected, but let's not forget that experiments have parameters. One should also struggle very hard to find flaws in one's theory and anticipated truth.
What I feel is that chaos drumming is something better done in the middle of a song, where a breakdown can come as a relief amidst all the rigidity. It's simply asking too much of a person that they immediately descend into this subconscious mire. After all, I'm not predisposed to allowing someone to explore my pink and bloody insides unless I've been introduced to them first. Preferably by a friend or relative.
Anyway, here's where I'm at.
Definitely on the high balcony of an fashionably bare, pretentious apartment above a night cityscape where lights are swimming like nystagmatic stars . It's probably the future. I'm barely conscious of the chaos of life far beneath me, and all feels rather sane and peaceful, but there's someone behind me, way back in the room, talking like he's wanting to make me aware of some kind of truth. That truth or revelation is painful to him, and it's as if its expression alleviates that.
Just as I begin to accept the voice as a murmuring part of the surroundings, I jump almost out of my skin because he's come right up behind me, close to my ear, shooting up the volume.
'Alright', I think, 'You're right; I wasn't listening. You'd become a rather distracting and vaguely interesting blur'.
But is that such a terrible thing? Isn't it better to soak into the mind with subliminal communications, than push a psychological pamphlet into the hand?
The night's cool, and I draw back from the balcony, where there remains in the room my restless, loquacious companion.
And it satisfies him that although it's only because I have nowhere else to go, at least I didn't look like jumping.


Featured Review

Well, you've asked me to review the bass aspect, and quite rightly too! It stands out, albeit "Wacky" at times, but fits in well with this experimental track.

The vocals appear to have a mystical eastern feel to them, not dissimilar to some of George Harrison's sitar based compositions.

The drums were in the background and not "in your face" like the bass was. Perhaps you could have been a bit more experimental with them?

Not too much originality for me, but you score well as this is experimental!

You deserve some credit for song writing, as it's not easy to set lyrics to a tune that wonders all over the place :-)

Nice effort... well done :-)

Ailwyn Rees


after all my life's experiences
coming down the path again
don't know which way to go
I've made that rhyme before with consequences
truth be told, which is my goal
it comes down to that again

and each time is a new chance
to make some different choices
to face my fears and find out
exactly what my voice is

because in this day and age
money is freedom of speech
and I am but a poor man
hoping hope's within my reach

someday you might have to do it
you may not have a choice
you may decide to break away
and let them hear your voice