Mechanics of Hope by Bankrupts

Olympics inspired
Final Round: 1  

This song is inspired by the 2012 Summer Olympics which is ending in London today. For that reason I'm releasing the song as it is with some glaring issues, but that's fine by me. In many cases my songs are caricatures of real songs anyway, and thematically I enjoyed this one. This is the second recorded vocal track, and the melody was just inventing itself in the critical mechanics of hope line where everything gets so major chord upbeat optimistic sounding, although I've managed to do that with a train wreck and a dog dying sound. Probably it should go in experimental, but because it actually has many not so totally experimental stretches I am going for alternative.

Featured Review

I really dig the jazzy open feel of this song straightaway..Kinda like a beat poetry Jack Kerouac vibe..Bringing to mind the spirit of The Doors...Great bluesy rythm n phrasing on the vocal..The main riff is great

Very road-tripping atmospheric ,emotionally engaging and enjoyable..

A part of what makes it so enjoyable IS its kinda free-spirited undisciplined self expressive quality-which-if it were me -i'd ruthlessly prune to take all the best bits of that spontanaeity and discard the rest and shape it better..

So its a flawed gem in its own way..

Love the main vocal (until it falls apart and he's obviously reading from a poem he's written...badly and out of rythm) and the end part has a suprising chordal shift and a very engaging emotionally expressive vocal..

Still highly enjoyable - and at its best really great..

Steve Ison

Featured Review

Hah...I know this guy. Actually maybe his best, most focused effort to date. But still some areas that demand cleanup.
The vocal is definitely all over the place, generally having some good tone, but inconsistent in most areas. Overdriven, clipped vocal, mixed too high and in my face. Need to pull that vocal back by 20%. Keep those levels out of the red. No flattened off wave peaks. Very ugly.
"This is what I call the mechanics of hope" this vocal line sounds a little bit searching for its pitch as it re-occurs.
Plenty of good lyrical bits, but the editor needs to pull out the best and slice this down to 4:00. The tune seems to go well beyond its expiration time, interest-wise, but the bridge (?) around 5:00 is worth saving with some tightening up note-wise.
The rest of the band sounds surprising good, actually. For their sake, the singer and producer need to up their game.



Mechanics of Hope by Steve Bancroft

I don’t want to tell you how the race is won
or if you’re gonna miss the starting gun
but let us begin at the finish line and end where it all began
following footsteps long lost in the sand

everybody wants to be a winner, it’s true
you believed in yourself, now they believe in you
you are used to winning and losing just a few
now the competition’s hot and there’s nothing you can do

but put one foot in front of the other
falling down and getting up again
going a little faster, a little farther
cross another line in the sand
doing whatever it takes you to cope
this is what I call the mechanics of hope

you used to be you, just a regular joe
you had no idea how far you could go
in many directions a life will be pulled
yes a fine cutting edge can be easily dulled

you only knew that the challenge was fun
exploring your talents under the sun
for at this one thing, when you did your best
you had so often surpassed all the rest
luck will play havoc and make or break dreams
and nothing is ever as easy as it seems

so put one foot in front of the other
fall down and get up again
go a little faster, a little farther
cross another line in the sand
though sometimes life feels like a practical joke
this is what I call the mechanics of hope

once upon a time when you were very young
athletes filled your eyes with gravity defying dreams

they’d swim and dive and leap and flip and run
even spin and dance on narrow balance beams

your heart would beat so fast as you watched each glorious feat
and you suffered scrapes and bruises in the playground and the street

playing your heroes’ games, unaware how steep the path
oblivious to discouragement, even risk a mother’s wrath

for what small thrills the sun’s last rays could barely illuminate
tomorrow was a time for which you could hardly wait

to put one foot in front of the other
falling down and getting up again
going a little faster, a little farther
cross another line in the sand
and everything imaginable was well within your scope
this is what I call the mechanics of hope

it is said by some hope springs eternal
but I have learned that isn’t always true
in many aspects it is quite mechanical
you work at it so it will work for you

there are never guarantees of glory
anything can happen any day
whoever comes in first will be the winner
but if you come in last it’s still OK

no matter what the outcome I will love you
and understand how hard you really tried
and if I could I’d give to you a medal
for being there forever by my side
you won my heart and fill my soul with pride