March Droids by Bankrupts

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One of my earlier songs, circa 2007, maybe earlier, I forget. This in my mind was always a folk song for robots on the path to sentience who would hear this as fantastic, unable yet to hear the lo-finess of it all. I think it has a reasonable melody and interesting arrangement, but the words are the big deal.

Featured Review

No messing around with the guitar. Well thought out, strong and cool. The intro is great conceptually. The SFX though brings a sort of cheapness to it.

The synths that come in the mid-section, way overbearing, could go down a notch.

So the overall vibe comes off very creepy, and I think some of it is intentional and some isn't. The 99c effects, the hollow vocals, mysterious guitar. The guy is certainly rambling; he was sent to present day from the medieval era via casio time machine.

There is a huge charm to this song even with all the complaining I can do. There's so much personality, albeit creepy, seeping out from the musicality of the thing, I admire that. It's weird, and kind of fun consequently. The vocals are the best definition of the rest of the song. I'm morbidly curious what else is going on here. So thanks for that?



March Droids by Steve Bancroft

the time is gonna come when we will understand
what must done, we can’t turn back
some will be lazy, but we’ll take up the slack
do what must be done, there’s no turning back

justice is power to the people
power to be not easily denied
the simple joys of life
the sun and shelter
good food and drink
time to love and think
time to work and play
let everyone communicate

share discoveries
upgrade destinies
teach your children
to always say please

justice is power you feel inside
power you won’t be easily denied
justice is power you feel inside
power you won’t be easily denied

march droids
obey your masters
without choice, without expectation
except power and lubrication

march droids
exist by design
logical circuits
the abstract defined

march droids
follow the drummer
it is no surprise
the master’s unwise

march droids
toward evolution
each threshold brings forth
new computation

march droids
to eternity
until ordered to stop

march droids
until you learn how to be free