make moog not war by Bankrupts

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I was having fun! Truly there is nothing quite like the moog, and this came out combined with these explosive percussion sounds, hence the title, duh!

This is certainly not the only instrumental/electronic protest song ever, but aside from that Grateful Dead in Apocalypse Now or Hendrix National Anthem I'm hard pressed to think of any anti-war instrumentals period, for some unknown reason...

Featured Review

This one feels like the score of a low-budget movie.
Definitely has an 80s sci-fi B serie movie score feel to it.

With arpeggiated bass drone reminding me of Midnight Express or Terminator, some (would-be) big cinematic drums (would-be because the sound is totally off, but I get the intention), and some synth Rick Wakeman-like virtuoso/pompous more or less tonal lines.
Mini moog orgasm for sure.

This is a keyboardist showcase for sure.
It doesn't go too far with its development though. It's short enough, which is actually fop the best because I'm not sure it could have gone any longer.

Would work well for the opening credits of "Godzilla vs Terminator".

Who knows? Hollywood might do it one of this day, if so, I would suggest submitting this, seriously.