Dusty by Bankrupts

David Lynch
Current Round: 1  

This is my last song of 2012. I wrote and played the basic music this afternoon on December 29th, and shortly thereafter wrote the lyrics. The slide was added just after midnight.

I was most likely inspired by my dusty keyboard, which I had tried to wipe with my fingers to a considerable but imperfect success.

I still feel another song in me, a very inspiring one, but it will have to wait another year.

Featured Review

Love the haphazard yet coherent feel of this mix of different elements that don't always fit together in the traditional sense. It's always a delicate balance when you stray from the boundaries of common practice, but this does work for me.

I would like to see more development and variation musically of the themes you have chosen. I understand that you are emphasizing lyric content here but music and sound will always speak louder than words; so you must pay close attention to what the music is contributing to your message. You have established one eloquent musical theme at the beginning but then it goes nowhere while the lyrics elaborate on your message. Including more dynamics and variation of rhythm, harmony and melody can greatly enhance the overall effect of your song.


Featured Review

Interesting drums on this one. I like how they switch up time signatures. They are also prominent in the mix. At times some of the fills are overbearing, kinda like you chucked the kitchen sink at it, when you only needed a few utensils but for the most part they are pretty grooving.

I also like the guitars. They are weird at times but not un listenable. The sounds and the timbre of the guitars keep them grounded enough for me to appreciate their semi craziness. I also really like some of the chordal movement.. it has some really interesting chromatic descends.

I do not really hear much of a bass part, it sounds like its really buried in the mix, if its even there sometimes. A louder bass part would have really helped to solidify the rhythm section IMO.

The vocals are ok. The timbre is interesting but at times its pretty free form and almost gets into spoken word territory.

Overall, interesting tune.. could even be cooler with the right elements.



everything gets dusty right before your eyes
speck by speck it comes to rest on all you visualize
and as time steadily passes covers everything you see
like a blanket of grey snow eventually
you may nobly try to wipe it all away
yet in the cracks and corners it will forever stay

I could have written novels with my finger in the dust
or very long equations, final proof of the nonplussed
or lyrics to a love song to a heart I never smote
to have faded from existence like the ones I never wrote
everything is bright and shiny in our wildest dreams
and dust never settles in the cracks and corners there it seems

so therein lies one difference between life and fantasy
fantasy is written in the dust of life
and there is no dust in dreams to write the tale of life
so if you begin to wonder if life is but a dream and you’re the star
just run your finger along the body and down the neck of your guitar
just remember it is real if it’s dusty

because everything gets dusty