A Day Long Coming by Bankrupts

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I've been reviewing a bit and watching these reality music shows lately, and I think it got me motivated to write a song, which I did, had the music down, sort of orchestral rock, I suppose, and then the epiphany left me cold, but instead of writers block I slid into another completely different song Wednesday for which I had an even grander epiphany. It is barely Friday, and this is that song. That notwithstanding, I think it might be my best song ever overall.

It started with the very simple keyboard riff, which is the gist of the song, to which out of the blue I came up with the title, and 24 hours ago I wrote four seven line verses (the song has four seven bar repetitions (4/4)). There are times when the words come rapidly, line after unedited line, full of poetic punch, and this was one of them.

Obviously, there are thinly veiled English references afoot, and all I can say in my own defense is it just made sense. Made on one take and minor editing, I like it this way, and I think it is ready.

Featured Review

This tune has a Lou Reed like vocal delivery for the most part that I am not a huge fan of, but I do like when it gets more melodic then the hip New Yorker spoken word thing. The singer actually flows pretty well once they get going.

The rhythm section offers up a blend of dense slow chords along with an odd bass line that took me a bit to find because the line does not really seem to follow the percussion. The drums also seem to be a bit fast paced for the rest of the tune. Maybe a slower ballad like part would really hook it up.


Featured Review

Quite a complex song that I feel could be simplified in places, but I found the crackling in the intro and outro rather annoying. If you recorded this on a 7" vinyl at 45 rpm, then you are forgiven!

I felt that the bass and drums could come up a couple of decibels. I couldn't help but feel that this song needed to be driven along, but sadly the rhythm section was almost non existent. I did pick out a couple of good bass runs, which did boost the individual aspect a bit!

The word flow and vocals were the stand out features of the song, in turn providing a very melodic sound, but for me it lacked emotional impact with the rhythm section lost in the background.

To sum up, a great effort on the vocals, but a bit of a let-down elsewhere, but you win the round, cuz you whipped the ass of your opponent :-)

Ailwyn Rees


look around and see the sky
I think I see a patch of blue
just like an English summer day
teasing us to traipse across the countryside and play
work can wait another day
sometimes a day long coming is just like that
waiting for the sun so we can sit in the shade

and sometimes something finally changes
that should have happened long ago
like a patch of blue in a summer sky
giving credence to our hope and answering why
so clap your hands and cross your fingers
and say a little prayer on a day long coming
a beautiful day waiting for the sun

there are many times when you won’t see the sun for days
and it feels like weeks and sometimes is
color is on a holiday, rain has moved in to stay
and little things annoy you common sense would rectify
but in a philosophical recession it is in such short supply
sometimes a day long coming is just like that
waiting for the sun so we can sit in the shade

on a day long coming
you do what you do
because you are you
on a day long coming
it can be no other way
and it’s perfectly OK
on such a beautiful day