curse of the wayward youth by Bankrupts

Current Round: 1  

This is an older song, part of a rock operetta. It has a lot of lyrics, and the music is a rather meandering progression allowing for a meandering melody.

The experiment is the big loop that it is, the unusual poetry-like form of the song, the raw starkness of the arrangement, there is nothing normal about that, and yet to me it has some appealing angst, and that's why I am sharing it with you.

Featured Review

The vocals were a bit weak to kick off with, but got stronger as the track progressed!

You've used the keyboards intelligently, with lots of variety, making the whole track an interesting arrangement... very experimental!

Quirky lyrics add to the songwriting mystique, and that makes the experimental category worth the occasional visit.

Not too much to assess for musicianship, as you predominantly used keyboards, not too sure whether the guitar was real? More percussion wouldn't have gone amiss!

Although the opposition in this round was a more polished number, you win, as this composition is much more experimental and loose as opposed to tight!

Ailwyn Rees