Curious Urges by Bankrupts

Almost Pop Rock
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I don't know why, but I wrote/recorded three songs in the week of New Year's Eve. They were all different and yet similar. This one is the most likable, even with its flaws, utter simplicity and faux rock wisdom. I am considering a busier mix, it might sound surprisingly better, and then maybe I'd call it rock., but I think it works as is.

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I've got no idea why the engine here pits one song from the same artist against the other -but this seems to be the case here
I like this song too-Maybe abit more than the first one..Again its got the Pink Floyd vibe in the writing n production but there's a little more edge,quirkiness and rythm in the vocal line which gives it a bit more urgency n appeals to me more..
The 'watery' guitar could've had a break occasionally and there's a few pitchy vocals at times but on the whole a really nice flow and i enjoyed it..

Steve Ison

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don't know what to think of the intro .... a weird over verbed sorta guitar over a simple sounding drum thing .... but it kinda falls into something more than it is as the vocals enter the picture.

I'll get back to that ....

the sound, the mix ain't bad. the vocals sit nicely, not too overpresent but not hiding. drums (till they drop out and why is that again? seems like the song dynamics are ass backwards cus of that ....)? not bad, good level in this mix, with the snare sitting well and the hats being there but not overbearing .... kick is there too. really - it's not a bad drum mix at all. simple beat and nothing flash but - I really just wish you hadn't killed it for the last half of the song ...

need a bass too dude. it's absence is heavy ...

keyboard parts are well placed in the mix, good levels .... not especially enamored with the voices used, would be better as a hammond b3 - lots better... but the part is good.

so - it's not an amazing chord progression but it is making sense melodically and harmonically and it does yield a good melody and that is a pretty good thing.

the vocalist sounds good. a few times, the trailing notes of phrases get a little amateurish with the treatment but otherwise, the singer is really hitting on a very nice melody line with good variation but a solid commitment to the key. the voice is true, pitch is on, tone and timbre are good. a bit too many db's of fx on the part but I can live with that I suppose ....

the lyrics (coupled with the delivery) seem to flow pretty well - an occasional moment where too much emphasis is placed on a note but all in all, nice vocal groove .... again, there's a few moments now and then which threaten to feel uncomfortable but it never gets to the point where it's a problem but maybe just a little more rehearsal to be sure every note sits on the beat exactly where it needs to be would take it up one more notch. but it's not bad - not bad at all. some vocal flares here and there instead of lazy treatment but be careful, there seems to be times where it does get a bit sloppy on that front ....

I don't like the instrumental arrangement where it just sorta falls off for the second half of the song but I do like the ideas here and the performance vocally is good. it might could be a good song with more thought and more work, it has the chance to be ... rework and flush it out. get it right. might end up being good work and an enjoyable musical experience.

the acoustic is pretty well captured, the electric is too fx'd but sits nicely in the beginning mix. and the



you said that a true friend
would not depend on trust alone
true friends would require proof
and facts would hold their own

and I thought I had always been
one true friend you could depend on
still I resist believing I was ever wrong

a human mind is fraught with flaws
fragile logic frayed by time
desire to reach the peak of happiness and peace
blinds us to those we stepped upon in our ever noble climb
reminds us life we never own, is just a day to day lease

I said if it’s answers that you seek now
what do you think if they make you cry
do you let go, do you let it end
will you even know if you’re just pretending
or do you cling to it til the day you die

sometimes facts are guesses
mere mathematics proving what
the likelihood that head comes up
after tails for the 99th time

the coin flips, and the chance is
fifty-fifty heads or tails every time
but the truth observed in the aggregate
appears to predict what is to come
to a gambler in his prime

curious urges, itches to scratch
culminations of dreams like eggs to hatch
defying control, we just do our best
ready or not we must take the test

come, friend, take the path again
remembering what is left behind
for one day we may go back
if we choose so, if the way we still can find